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She's one of Arale's best friends. Akane is a very bad student and likes to do the most stupid mad things so she's Pinguin Village's troublemaker.


He's the fourth of five Uranai Baba's warriors. Akkuman tries to defeat Goku with his special blast (Akkumaitokosen) that hits someone's heart so to increase the evil inside it and cause its explosion. This technique will have no effect on Goku since he's a pure heart! Then Akkuman is easily defeated by the little Saiyan.


He's one of Turles henchmen in DBZ movie #3 "The Tree of Might". Amondo is easily eliminated by Goku.


He is the first android we get to see and appears during the Red Ribbon Saga. # 8 is one of Dr. Gero's failure 'cause despises fighting and when they order to kill Goku, he refuses and teams up with him. Also known as Eightie, Eight-chan, Hacchan, after Muscle Tower, #8 lives a quiet life.
(Japanese DBZ name Jinzouningen Hachi Gou)


Android 13 is the main bad guy in Movie 7. With his companions #14 and #15, has the primary objective to kill Goku. When Goku turns SSJ and defeats him, he absorbes the power packs and computer chips of Androids 14 and 15, defeated by Trunks and Vegeta, and becomes Super 13. The new super warrior is only defeated by Goku when he absorbs his Genkidama in SSJ form.
(Japanese DBZ name Jinzouningen Juu-san Gou)


Android 14 is the bulky and muscular companion of Androids #13 and #15 in Movie 7. He doesn't talk much and lives only to kill Goku. Trunks defeats him only when turns Super Saiyan and kills him with his sword.
(Japanese DBZ name Jinzouningen Juu-shi Gou)


Android 15 is the strangest of the android trio in movie 7. He is very short and looks kind of silly; is whiskey-gulping and wears a large hat and a bow tie. Like his companions he lives to kill Goku. #15 is defeated by Vegeta who knocks his head off, killing him.
(Japanese DBZ name Jinzouningen Juu-go Gou)


He's a very loving nature and quiet cyborg created by dr. Gero. Android #16 is an old type android, completely mechanical and, unlike his counterparts, he's not based on a human model. He's one of the strongest cyborgs but his only aim is to kill Goku! In order to defend #17 and #18 but, above all, to avoid Cell to become too powerful, decides to attack him. As long as Cell doesn't absorb #17, the struggle is quits, but later he's irreparably damaged. At least it seems so; but Bulma and her father are able to repair him and remove from his body a powerful explosive gear installed by Dr. Gelo. During the Cell Games, thanks to his touching words and because of his definitive destruction operated by Cell, Gohan gets mad and turns Super Saiyan II.
(Japanese DBZ name Jinzouningen Juu-roku Gou)


This boy is a very powerful cyborg created on human base. #18's twin brother, as for the other Dr. Gero androids, his mission is to kill Goku. In the fight against Cell he has no way out and is absorbed without any hitches by the monster who needs his body to become the perfect being. In Dragon Ball GT he fuses with the Android #17 created by Dr. Gero and Dr. Miuu in the Hell and generates Super 17. Android #17 is one of the main characters in DBZ TV Special # 2 "The History of Trunks" where he appears cruel and merciless and with #18 kills all the Z Warriors but Trunks who survives and goes back in time...
(Japanese DBZ name Jinzouningen Juu-Nana Gou)


Android #18 is a girl cyborg created on human base by Dr. Gero with the task to kill Goku. She's #17's twin sister and, after him, she's absorbed too by Cell to complete his transformation and become the perfect being. Kuririn falls in love with her since he first meets her and she kisses him on the cheek. After Cell's death, Kuririn wishes for the bomb inside her (and his father) to be removed with the Dragon Balls and we'll find them married in Majin Buu saga with a daughter, Marron. In Dragon Ball GT , after his brother No.17, mind-controled by Dr. Gero and Dr. Miuu, kills Kuririn, she helps Goku to eliminate the new android Super 17. We meet her in DBZ TV Special #2 where she's cruel and merciless as the brother with whom kills all the Z Warriors but Trunks, who survives and goes back in time...
(Japanese DBZ name Jinzouningen Juu-hachi Gou)


He's a cyborg created by Dr. Gero, having the ability to steal his opponents energy through a special device placed on the palm of his hands. He's fat, looks vaguely chinese and has a pointy head. During the fight against this android, Goku shows first symptoms of the heart problem. He's easily defeated by Vegeta who, at Super Saiyan level, destroys him with his new technique, the Big Bang Attack.
(Japanese DBZ name Jinzouningen Juu-kyu Gou)


See Dr. Gelo/Gero (Android #20).
(Japanese DBZ name Jinzouningen Ni-juu Gou)


Videl and Gohan's classmate. Gohan accepts to go on some date with her because he thinks Angela knows the true identity of Great Saiyaman; instead the girl, when she's talking about the secret to reveal, is referring to his boxers.


He's one of Lord Slug henchmen in DBZ movie #4 "Lord Slug". Angira is eliminated by Goku who returns him back his mouth blast.


She's the goddess who takes care about the harmony between the real world and the "Other World". Goku and Chichi ask her help to set Gyuu-Mao (Chichi's father) free from the fire that invests his palace. This part of the anime does not exist in Dragon Ball manga, so Annin doesn't appear in the comics.


She's Akane's big sister and lives in Pinguin Village where she works as a waitress in the Coffee Pot, a pub where they usually meet to chat around.


He's the only East Kaioh's student to reach the quarter-finals in the Ano-yo Tenkaichi Budokai, where he has to fight Goku. With his special technique, he makes the ring turn into an aquatic ring and Goku is in trouble; but in the end Aqua will be defeated and East Kaioh will start yelling and punish him.


A short and powerful girl with purple hair and glasses, Arale is another character created by the mangaka Akira Toriyama. She's protagonist of " Dr. Slump and Arale-chan" manga and briefly appears in Dragon Ball vol.7 during the Red Ribbon saga, where she meets Goku for the first time.


Atla is the Prince of Planet Arlia, imprisoned by the cruel dictatorship King Moai who steals his beloved bride, Lemlia. When Vegeta and Nappa arrives on the planet and quickly destroyed King Moai and all his guards, Atla thinks to have back his throne and reunite with his Lemlia, but his dreams are broken by Vegeta who disintegrates the entire planet. However Atla is a character appearing only in the anime.


He's an evil wizard, whose only aim is to revenge his father's death. Son of the dark mage Bibidi, who created Majin Bu, Babidi comes to Earth to reawaken the evil being that his father had closed into a sphere. He has the ability to bend to his will, people who have evil in their hearts; so he controls first Dabura's mind and after Vegeta's mind to take the evil energy to break Buu's seal. He's killed by Majin Buu himself, tired to obey his orders.


This character only appears in DBGT episodes; Baby's a parasite being who owns the genes of Tsufuru-jin King, a modern civilization that lived on the planet called "Plant", before it was wiped out by Saiyans invasion. By wandering the space, he grows and becomes like a fetus. Then, since he needs someone that picks up the energy for growing, Baby creates Dr. Miuu. In order to kill him, Goku, Pan and Trunks hit Baby when he's still at the larva stage, but the being survives by taking possession of Dr. Miuu's body. He gets energy from other creatures and reaches a more mature stage. Baby temporarily takes possession of Trunks too and leaves his egg inside the Saiyan's body so he will be able to control him later; then he arrives on the Earth to wait for Goku. Baby's targets are two: rebuilding the Tsufuru-jin Planet and taking revenge on Saiya-jin.


When comes on Earth, Baby first takes possession of Goten, then of Gohan and eventually of Vegeta, the saiyan he's looking for because he wanna face Goku by using his power. Vegeta's body shows different mutations: on the face and in the eyes, they appear some lines, hair becomes white and then lengthens, and on his shoulders some strange bony prominences sprout. After having eliminated Goku, thanks to the spheres, he makes to revive the Planet of Tsufuru. Helped by Bulma, who hurls at him the Brute waves, he turns Ohzaru Gold and Goku SSJ4, to succeed in defeating him, hits him making him loose the tail. In this way Baby-Vegeta loses his transformation in Ohzaru and the parasite Baby is forced to leave Vegeta's body and to run away; but Goku SSJ4 destroys his spaceship with a very powerful Kamehameha.


He's a participant to the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai, where he has to face Kuririn. Bacterian has the peculiarity of defeating his opponents with his horrible smell because he's never washed himself since he was born. At first Kuririn is in trouble too, but, when Goku remembers him he has no nose and so can't feel Bacterian's smell, he recovers and easily defeats him. Later Bacterian will be eliminated by Tamborine as ordered by Piccolo Daimao.


He's the father of Goku and looks like him, except a deep scar Bardock has got on the left cheek. He's the main character in DBZ TV Special #1 "Bardock: The Father of Goku" where it is told about his story. After having conquered another planet for Freeza' account, he's attacked by the last surviving member of Kanassa, who hits Bardock on the back of the head giving him the ability to see the future. So he makes the connection of what is going to happen: Freeza is preparing a plan to destroy the Saiya-jin. Since the other members of his race don't believe him, Bardock decides to take matters into his own hands, and attacks Freeza by himself; but he can nothing against the attack of his opponent that destroys Panet Vegeta and all Saiya-jin (In reality someone still survives...). He is killed too, but, before dying, has one final vision of the future where his son, Kakaroth, would be the one to destroy Freeza.


He's the injured little dog that Majin Buu finds and heals. This puppy has a very important role in Majin Buu's sharing into two beings: when he's dropped with one shot by two villains, Buu is staring forward in intent confusion. When Satan notices Bee is not yet dead, the pink monster rushes over and heals the dog again. But soon Majin Buu gets mad when the villains shoot Satan in the back with a pistol. Before he blows off some steam and his anger gives life to an evil thin Buu, he manages to tell Satan to take the dog and escape, so Bee becomes the World Champion faithful puppy.


He's the powerful and evil magician who created the demon being known as Buu, to gain control of the entire universe. His creature manages even to defeat four of five Kaiohshins (two of them have been absorbed) and the same Bibidi can't control him anymore. Then Bibidi closes Majin Bu into a sphere and takes him on Earth, his next target. And it's just at this time that the last surviving Kaiohshin, the East Kaiohshin, kills him.


One of Bojack's henchmen in DBZ movie #9. Just like for his companions, his past is unknown. When Gohan turns SSJ2, Bojack orders him to stop the saiyan, but Bido is easily eliminated by a punch that breaks his body in two.


They are warriors created in a laboratory of genetic engineering by order of Jagar Badda, in DBZ movie #11 "A Super-Warrior Defeat!! I am the Winner". Jaggar wants to use them to fight against Satan, to gain his revenge on him. But the World Champion "invites" Android #18 (his "student") to fight the bio-warriors for him; soon Goten and Trunks join with her and together easily defeat them.


He's the second of Commander Red of Red Ribbon Army and helps him in the quest of Dragon Balls, thinking he wants to use them to wish for world domination. When he hears from Red's voice, that he really just wants to wish to be taller, Black shoots him; then takes over the Red Ribbon Army and attacks Goku by driving a super robot (Battle Jacket), but he's easily defeated by the young hero.


One of the generals of Red Ribbon Army, Blue is given the job to gather the Dragon Balls and kill Goku by the Commander Red. He's incredibly strong and, unlike the other leaders, he likes to use his hands rather than his troops. Blue is well-built, but probably gay, a very fussy dresser and has a special psychical capability: looking into his opponent's eyes, Blue paralyzes him. By using this form of hypnosis, he's almost killing Goku, if it wasn't for a mouse running out... Blue recoils with horror and so the spell on Goku is broken. When Blue comes back to Red Ribbon headquarters, he's forced by Commander Red to fight the killer Tao Bai Bai who kills him using only his tongue.


He's the main villain in DBZ movie #9 " The Galaxy's in Danger!! The Super Awesome Guy". Bojack wears a bandanna on his orange hair and his skin is a blue-green color. He comes on Earth with his four henchmen and takes over a martial arts contest where beats on the Z Warriors. Is a very strong demon and only Gohan, as Super Saiyan II, is able to defeat him, helped by the father who teleports himself from afterlife. Bojack is pierced by a very powerful punch and definitely killed by a kamehameha.


He's the big Indian protecting the Seichi Karin holy grounds, and is the father of Upa. Bora is very strong and when Yellow and his men are demanding his Dragon Ball, the Indian warns the invaders that he'll kill them to protect his land. He becomes friend with Goku who rescues his little son Upa from Red Ribbon Army. Later Bora is killed by the cruel Tao Bai Bai, but Goku, in front of a crying Upa, vows to get all of the Dragon Balls to make a wish to bring Bora to life. When Bora was younger, he tries to climb Karin's tower too, without result.


She is Vegeta and Bulma's daughter, Trunks' little sister. Bra appears the first time at the end of Majin Buu Saga when she is a child and we'll meet her in Dragon Ball GT as a nice girl who looks like Bulma in the first Dragon Ball series. Even if she's half-Saiyan, doesn't show any skills as a fighter, but the same it seems she has ascendency over her father! In fact, it's thanks to her that Vegeta takes his mustache off in DBGT! ^__^


She's the daughter of the owner of Capsule Corporation, and is a genius with all sorts of electronic machines, both alien and domestic. Bulma is the Dragon Radar's inventor, a device that can locate the Dragon Balls wherever they are. Second character to be introduced into Dragon Ball, she appears in all three series, and from a nice teenager with light purple eyes and hair (light blue in the anime), we'll see her showing many different looks during the Dragon Ball adventures. After a stormy flirt with Yamcha, she falls in love with Vegeta and has two children with him, Trunks and Bra. Although after Cell's death their union becomes permanent and Vegeta lives with her at the Capsule Corporation, it doesn't know if they are really married!


Bulma's father and founder of the Capsule Corporation, Dr. Briefs is a genius who created many handy devices and sorts of electronic machines that Bulma uses during her adventures. He's also the inventor of those famous Hoi-Poi capsules from wich everything in the series is spawned, of the spaceship used by Goku travelling to Namek and of the gravity room used by Vegeta for his training! During the Cell Saga, Dr. Briefs helps Bulma to repair Android #16 and remove the explosive device inside his body, before Cell Games. We'll often see him accompanied by a little black cat and used as a comic relief.


Bulma's mother and Dr. Briefs' wife, she is impeccably nice to everyone even if she's described as fatuous. Mr. and Mrs. Briefs live at the Capsule Corporation with many animals they love very much and also when Majin Buu eliminates all the earthlings, they refuse to leave them alone. However is a character.


He's the main character of DBZ movie #8 "Burnout!! Fierce Fight, Violent Fight, Super-Exciting Fight" where is the legendary Super Saiyan! Broly is born in Planet Vegeta the same day Goku is! He is traumatized by the constant crying of his crib mate, Goku, and develops an instinctual hatred of him. King Vegeta, afraid of his high potential even as a baby, looks at him as a danger and tries to kill him. Thanks to his awesome power, Broly manages to survive with his father who, years later, gets to take control on him by a command device. So, under his father's command, Broly begins his rampage through the universe. When he meets Goku, his grudge against him reveals. He fights against all the Z Warriors, knocking them out, but at the end he'll be defeated by Goku, who will absorb the energy of the other warriors. It seems he's dead but it isn't so! We meet Broly again in DBZ movie #10, where he comes to Planet Earth, after his escape from Planet Neo-Vegeta before explosion, and is finally killed; then he makes his third appearance in DBZ movie #11 as a clone.


He's one of two North Kaioh's pets, indeed, the only one in the manga, because Gregory, the cricket, only appears in the anime. Bubbles, a very fast monkey, is used by North Kaioh as a preliminary test before starting his personal martial arts training of Goku.


Between Bojack's henchmen in DBZ movie #9, Bujin is the most psychicly powerfu, so he's able to immobilize Trunks and Gohan. He's easily defeated by Gohan SSJ2 who kills him with a kick that breacks hin in two.


He's the leader of the kids travelling in the mirror ship that Kuririn, Bulma and Gohan accidently meet during their travel to NameK. Really these kids are all orphans whose parents have been killed by Freeza's men. At first, Bun and the others attack Kuririn, Bulma and Gohan too, believing them as Freeza's henchmen, but later become friends with them.


He is the faster member of the Ginyu Force and he believes to be the fastest in the Universe! But Goku easily defeats him because he's become faster than him after training at 100x gravity travelling to Namek . Butter usually teaming up with Jheet for his attacks , he is still a successful fighter alone.
See Ginyu Force.


He's a being of an amazing wickedness... Even his creator, the magician Bibidi, isn't able to control him. After he absorbs the Dai Kaiohshin, it acquires some rationality and becomes the Fat Majin Buu. Unlike most absorbtions, the Dai Kaioshin maintains some control over Buu that now is less powerful than his original form. When Goku and Vegeta, inside the body of the new Super Buu, free the imprisoned Fat Buu, Super Buu changes and comes back to True Buu form. He is unimaginable strength fighter, neither Goku nor Vegeta can defeat him... This only will happen thanks to the help of all Earthlings, who give Goku the needed energy to form the Genkidama (Spirit Bomb) that will destroy him.


When the evil being created by Bibidi (called True Buu or Kid Buu) absorbs the Dai Kaiohshin, who is fat, very kind and calm, the god becomes a permanent part of Buu and makes him fat in appearance and less insane than before. Fat Buu is the good part of Majin Buu who divides himself from the wicked part, when Mr. Satan is seriously wounded by two thugs. However, he is defeated by his bad counterpart that transforms him into chocolate and eats him, generating a new Majin Bu (Super Buu). In the end of the Saga Fat Buu fights against Kid Buu and, when, after the death of this last, they wish, with the Dragon Balls, to cancel from Earthlings' memory his misdeeds, he goes to live with Mr. Satan. We also find him in DBGT where he will unite to his reincarnation, Uub.


Super Buu is born when the Thin Bu, the purely wicked part of Majin Buu, eats the Fat Buu just transformed into chocolate. The good personality of the Fat Buu does not have as much influence over the host, since he's imprisoned inside his body rather than sharing it with the evil counterpart. Super Buu is nastier and surely more stronger than the previous Majin Buu. He becomes even more powerful when absorbs Gotenks SSJ3, Piccolo and Mystic Gohan, and he will be able to perform all their techniques! Only the Fusion with Potara earrings between Goku and Vegeta will be stronger than him!


When Majin Buu becomes friend of Mr. Satan, he promises him he never kills anybody. But when two thugs shoot to the World's Champion, hurting him almost to death, Majin Buu gets so angry that his anger releases the most wicked part in him, that forms another Majin Buu. This Thin Buu is formed by pure wickedness and is stronger than his good half; therefore he soon defeates the Buu of pure innocence and eats him in chocolate form, generating the new Super Buu.


He's one of the competitors in the Anoyo's Tenkaichi Budokai. He's from the South Galaxy and has to face Goku. He seems not to have any special power and in fact he tries to defeat Goku by tickling him. When Catapy realizes that he will not succeed in doing it, he decides to transform himself by using a metamorphosis; but this complete change needs somewhat like 1200 years, so, because no one can wait such a long time, Catapy is declared to be the loser.


Cyborg created by Dr. Gelo and his computer that elaborates the data picked up by small robots as bees, that before extracted the cells of the best and most powerful living warriors. Thus Cell contains in his body the cells of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo... but also of Freezer and of his father. When he arrives on the Earth from the future, Cell is in egg form: he has degenerated himself in this form in order to be able to go into Trunks' Time machine. He needs three years underground to get his mutation and come out of the egg. Then he begins to absorb the vital essences from humans to create new energy he needs for his growth. But to become the perfect being he needs to absorb the androids #17 and #18 which he doesn't succeed in individualizing in his time.


The computer of Dr. Gelo informs Cell that, by absorbing #17 and # 18, he can get an unimaginable strength! Cell reaches the two cyborgs while #17 is fighting against Piccolo (who has already assimilated Kami-sama to face Cell). By now the monster absorbed a lot of vital energy, by killing many human beings, so much that Piccolo is not able to succeed in opposing him and is defeated. Also Android #16 tries to stop him, but with no result: #17 is caught and absorbed, allowing the monster to reach the second stage of his transformation. Now he looks, at least in the face, less monstrous and more human than before and is very strong but nothing can do against the new power of Vegeta Super Saiyan Dai Ni Dankai. The Prince of Saiyans lets him free to absorb Android #18 to compare himself with the perfect being.


Even if Trunks, facing his father Vegeta, tries stop him, Cell with a Taiyoken blinds everyone and absorbs #18, becoming so the perfect being. To show his new power, Cell holds the Cell Games, where he challenges anyone in the world to fight him, or else the Earth would be destroyed. Neither Goku can defeat him and gives up! It will be Gohan, at Super Saiyan II level, to face him. But Cell threatens to destroy himself involving the Earth in the explosion; so Goku teleports himself with Cell on the Planet of king Kaioh. Cell regenerates himsels after the explosion and comes back on the Earth, stronger than ever. This time Gohan definitely eliminates him with the help of his father who exhorts him from the afterlife.


Each Cell Jr. is a creature of Cell that spawns seven of them from his tail. The Cell Juniors look like him and are formidable fighters, created in the same number of the Z warriors at Cell Games, except Gohan, to force this last to show his true power. During the fight with their opponents, the seven creatures use the same techniques, that Cell has learned from the Z Warriors, to repeatedly strike them, but then they easily are eliminated by Gohan SSJ2.


He's one of the contenders in the 21st Tenkaichi, defeated by Goku. He is the first user of the Hasshuken technique (8 hands attack).


He's one of the competitors in the Anoyo's Tenkaichi Budokai. He's from the East Galaxy and has to fight Olive. Short but very fast, Chapuchai tries to put his opponent in trouble by using the split-form technique. Olive manages to defeat him by causing his forms all to crash into each other.


Gyuu-Mao's daughter, first meets Goku when they are children. She meets him again at the 23 Tenkaichi tournament and marries him at the end of first Dragon Ball series. With Goku she has two sons, first Gohan and then Goten. Chichi is a worrisome mother and would like Gohan to quit fight and just study. Although Goku is the strongest warrior in the Universe... Chichi is able to frighten him! ^__-


He's the evil dragon of the 7 Star Dragon Ball (Chishinchu) born when Bulma wished to revive everybody died in 25th Tenkaichi tournament's day, but evils. Chishinlon looks like a giant mole but his true aspect is just like the 7 Star Dragon Ball! He has the ability to absorb other creatures so he can increase his power. Chishinlon will absorb Pan too (and he'll become Super Chishinlon) so Goku will not attack him at full power. Although he seems stupid, he's really clever!


She's a character appearing in DBZ movie #10 "The Dangerous Pair!! Super-Warriors Never Rest". Coco is a kid living in Natade Village who decides to sacrifice herself to calm the monster that terrorizes her village. Actually the monster is a big dinosaur and it will be Videl, Goten and Trunks that see the thing by themselves, before to meet Broly.


He's Freeza's father and comes on Earth with his son, now Metal Freezer, in order to take their revenge on the Super Saiyan. He will be killed by Future Trunks.


Freeza's brother and villain protagonist of DBZ movie #5. Since he learned that a saiyan defeated his brother , travels to Earth, where this one lives, with his henchmen to eliminate Goku. Although he's able to obtain a fourth transformation, one more than his brother, Cooler is defeated from the Super Saiyan who kills him by throwing him towards the Sun. He comes back, this time as Metal Cooler, in DBZ movie #6, where he tells that his body was rebuilt by the high technology of the Giant Ghetti Star which is also able to produce hundred and hundred clones of him. At the end, the Giant Ghetti Star and all the Metal Cooler's robots are defeated by Goku with Vegeta's help.


He's a scientist who makes experiments inside the bio-engineering laboratory owned by Jagar Badda, in DBZ movie #11 "A Super-Warrior Defeat!! I am the Winner".


This being was born from an egg of dragon-warrior spit out by Piccolo Daimao in order to gather the Dragon Balls. He's eliminated by Yajirobe who slices him and eats his meat.


Dai Kaioh-sama reigns over the four kaiohs but is quite a funny character! He only appears in the anime: we can see him during Afterlife Tornament saga (Anoyo Tenkaichi Budokai) wearing casual clothes and dancing at rock music coming from his radio. Everybody in Afterlife's world thinks he's the strongest in the Universe but, even if he would never admit it, probably his power is nothing compared to the Z Warriors.


Dai Kaiohshin is the god of gods and only appears in a flashback of DBZ episode #277 (#262 U.S. version). He serenely lives in Kaiohshinkai (the world of the Kaiohshins), with the four Kaiohshins, before Majin Buu invades his planet. He saves East Kaiohshin (the only one still surviving) from Buu's attacks but is absorbed by him. So Majin Buu, taking the characteristics of who he absorbs, becomes fat just like Dai Kaiohshin and less insane than before. This Fat Buu will continue to show Dai Kaiohshin's spirit within him and later even becomes Mr. Satan's friend.


Also known as the Lord of Underworld, he looks like a demon. Dabura is one of the evils controlled by Babidi and is a very fearsome opponent. He has the ability to change his enemies and everything into stone with his petrifying spittle, the Sekikatsuba. Dabura will die killed by Majin Buu who changes him into a cookie and eats him.


As Kami-sama and Piccolo, Dende is a Namek. He first appears in Freeza saga where is rescued by Kuririn and Gohan from death, so they become friends. Later he's killed by Freeza, but comes back to life thanks to Dragon Balls. After Kami and Piccolo reunite, Dende assumes the role of Kami on Earth and creates some new and more powerful Dragon Balls. He's not a warrior like Piccolo because has not fighting abilities; but he's a healer and has the power to heal any kind of wound.


He's one of Freeza's guard. Even if he's quite strong, he prefers to fight only against who is weaker than him, acting as a coward in any other occasion. He's defeated by Vegeta.


He's a DBGT character. Dol Takki is at the service of the villain Dr. Myuu and controls the giant machine mutant Luud (Lord Lude). By using Luud, he transforms the same followers of his religious sect into many dolls to gather their energy that Dr. Myuu needs to make Baby grows. He takes a fancy to Pan, she also transformed into a doll, but at the end he gets the same destiny and is transformed himself into a doll and absorbed by Luud. Inside of the giant MM (Machine Mutant) Luud, Dol Takky, forced by Pan, reveals its weak point, so the machine is destroyed and all the people, before absorbed, can now have back their bodies. Dol Takki runs away from Luud's planet but, as he arrives on Planet M2, he's eliminated by General Lilde because of his incapacity.


He's the tyrant of Planet of Merchants Imegga in Dragon Ball GT series. He's a very greedy king with a little effeminate aspect. Everything touching his planet ground becomes his property, so even Trunks' space ship, fallen down because of a damage, has been taken from Don Kir's men. When even his very strong bodyguard Lezik is defeated by Goku, the tyrant is obliged to give up and bring back everything which Imegga inhabitants have had stolen.


One of the Cooler's henchmen in DBZ movie #5. He's killed by Piccolo.


He's one of Lord Slug henchmen in DBZ movie # 4. Because of his evil race, he cannot live at the sunlight. He's a winged monster looking like a gargoyle and is eliminated by Piccolo with a blow.


He's the first of the five Uranai Baba's fighters. Dracula-Man is a vampire and can change into a bat. He defeats Kuririn by sucking blood out of his head, but then he's beaten by two little warriors: Upa and Puar, which Yamcha instructed in a plan anti-vampire by using garlic and cross (bot of these things are expedients against vampires).


He's a character appearing in DBZ movie #2 "The World's Strongest". Ebifurya is a warrior created by Dr. Wheelo and Dr. Kochin with bio engineering. With his freeze attack, at first he manages to immobilize Goku, but the saiyan breaks up the ice charging his Kaiohken and defeats the bio-warrior.


She's the nice girl with blond hair and blue eyes, Videl and Gohan's classamate at the Orange Star High School of Satan City; it's she who asks Gohan to sit near her at the school bench.


She's one of the little orphans travelling in the mirror ship that Kuririn, Bulma and Gohan accidently meet during their travel to Namek. When a fire breaks out in the spaceship Gohan saves her.


King Enma is Ruler of the Afterlife and Judge of the Dead; so he decides the eternal fate of anyone who dies, of every race and homeworld, and who has deserved to go to Heaven and who to Hell. Enma is called, in English dub, King Yama (and in Italian TV episodes Re Yammer) probably because the Lord of the Underworld in Indian folklore is an Hindu god, named Yama-Raja. We'll also find Enma Dai-O in some other anime, such as Yu-Yu Hakusho, cause he's not a character created by Akira Toriyama.


He's one of the fighters in the Ano-yo Tenkaichi Budokai and comes from the South Galaxy. Frog riches the quarter-finals where he has to face Maraiko. To push his opponent out of the ring, he begins growing huge and fat; but Maraiko, with his great strength, lifts him up and hurls into the air till Frog slams against a little planet. So he turns normal and falls outside of the ring.


He's very cruel, but also one of the most powerful warriors in the universe; he's able to get three transformations, one more powerful than the previous and each with its own distinct appearance. With his group of criminals, he travels around the space to massacre all the inhabitants of planets and then sell the worlds to the highest bidder. Once, the Saiyans was employed by him, but one day he decided to kill them all, worried for their power. He comes on Namek searching for the Dragon Balls to gain the immortality. The only one who can stop him is Goku turned Super Saiyan, but Freeza doesn't die! He comes back, as Metal Freezer, rebuilt as a robot with mechanical parts by the men of his father, King Cold. Metal Freezer will travel to the Earth to distroy it with Goku, but this time he'll be eliminated by Future Trunks. Freeza briefly appears in DBZ movie #12 where he's easily killed by Gohan Great Saiyaman.


He's the son of Garlic Sr. who once challenged Kami-sama for the throne of God of the Earth, but was defeated and closed in a Dead Zone. Garlic Jr. looks like a short goblin and appears in DBZ movie #1 "Return my Gohan!! (The Dead Zone)" where he gathers the Dragon Balls and wishes the eternal life. But he's knocked down, just like his father, into a Dead Zone where he's sucked into by the little Gohan who gets angry and starts blasting things. Unlike his father, Garlic Jr. manages to come out and appears again in DBZ (only in anime, not in manga where he never existed) after Freeza's defeat. But once again he imprisons himself in the Dead Zone.


He's a scientist working for Red Ribbon Army. After Goku obliterates the army, he keeps on working to research and create very strong androids, capable of defeating this powerful boy. In order to increase his strength and to live forever, he implants his mind in one of his androids shells, and becomes himself the cyborg #20. He gets his energy the same way #19 does, by absorbing it from attacks and physical contact. He's killed by #17, one of his creature.


He's the captain of Ginyu Force, Freeza's special team. Ginyu is by far the strongest of them all believes himself to be, after Freeza, the most powerful warrior in the Universe. But when he arrives to Namek and meets Goku, he realizes he isn't! Ginyu can perform the body change, that's to say he has the power to swap bodies with other people; so he performs his technique on Goku but at the ending... he'll find himself to be a frog!
See Ginyu Force.


The team is composed by five of the most powerful warriors of Universe and it's Freeza's special team. Its captain is Ginyu, the only one who gives Goku some trouble... but he's defeated too as his companions. The Ginyu Force briefly appears in Majin Buu saga too, when, from the Afterlife, its components watch the fight Goku vs Kid Bu.


Gogeta is the result of the Fusion between Goku and Vegeta without the Potara earrings, by doing the Metamoru Dance. This character doesn't appear in the manga but only in DBZ movie #12 "The Rebirth of Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta". At first Vegeta refuses to make the dance because he thinks it's just ridicule to put on these absurd postures. But soon he realizes that the enemy, the very powerful Janenba, is too much strong; so Goku manages to convince him. The first time they try, the two saiyans don't succeed in performing Fusion correctly, because Vegeta makes a mistake in the position of his hand! So, instead of Gogeta, they fuse into Vekuu (Fat Gogeta) a fat and funny character who, in spite of his aspect, is able to hold out against Janenba's attacks for all the 30 minutes of the bad Fusion. When Goku and Vegeta repeat the Metamoru Dance, this time correctly, they fuse into Gogeta. This new amazing warrior (he's already born as a Super Saiyan) easily defeats Janenba with a shining ki ball that disintegrates his body.


This very powerful fusion appears during the last Dragon Ball GT episodes, when the enemy to defeat is the awesome Super Ishinlon ( Super Ii-Shenlong). Unexpectedly it's Vegeta, just turned Super Saiyan 4 thanks to the Brute Waves, who invites Goku SSJ4 to perform the Fusion with Metamoru Dance, because he realizes that, separately, even as Super Saiyan 4, they shouldn't be able to face the opponent. Unluckily this Fusion is very short, only 10 minutes! During this time, Gogeta SSJ4 (called Super Gogeta in TV episodes), has fun to ridicule Super Ishinlon, without giving him the finishing stroke! Gogeta SSJ4 best technique is the Big Bang Kamehameha, but he's able to perform many other attacks.


He's Goku's adoptive grandpa, an old man who finds Goku when, as a baby, he falls on Earth with his spaceship, coming form Planet Vegeta where he was born. Grandpa Gohan is his first teacher of martial arts, even if, at first, he has some problems keeping Goku under control. He gets killed by Goku himself when the Saiyan turns Ohzaru seeing at full moon. He will meet his grandson again when Uranai Baba makes him revive for one day.


He's Goku and Chichi's first son and appears at the beginning of DBZ series. He has an incredible hidden strength and shows it when he's just a baby! His first master is Piccolo, who is also his best friend together with Kuririn. He fights only when it's really needed, but his dream is to become an important scientist; so when the world is in peace, he dedicates only to his studies, following his mother wish. In Majin Buu saga he marries Videl and has a daughter, Pan.



Goku is the real protagonist of Dragon Ball. He's a Saiyan born on Planet Vegeta. But as all the Saiya-jin weak children, he is sent on a another planet in order to conquer it. So Goku comes on Earth, but hits his head, loses the memory and forgets his task! Such as all the Saiyans, he has a tail and also can turn Ohzaru when he looks at a full moon. Goku grows as an happy child, very kind, altruist and very naive. Then meets Bulma and togheter they travel searching for the Dragon Balls. Later he marries Chichi and has two sons, Gohan and Goten. In Dragon Ball GT he will return a child 'cause of a Pilaf's wish.



In DBZ movie #9 he's Trunks opponent. Gokua is Bojack's swordman and at first is able to face the saiyan. But when Trunks turns Super Saiyan, he nothing can do: he is pierced through the body by his punch and easily eliminated.


He's the youngest of Goku's sons and looks just like his father when he was a child. He appears during the Great Saiyaman saga and is not yet able to fly but he'll learn very soon. His best friend is Trunks and he really enjoys to fight with him. Just like Trunks, he's able to turn Super Saiyan when he's still a child and without a special training, so they both reach the Super Saiyan Full Power level. When peace is on Earth he neglects his training and prefers to look after girls, especially during Dragon Ball GT series.


Gotenks is one of most powerful and funny characters in Dragon Ball series. He's the result of the fusion between Goten and Trunks, performed with the Metamoru Dance, and is able to reach the Super Saiyan 3 level. Gotenks is one of the protagonists in the fight against Majin Buu but the fusion inexpectedly break. Then Gotenks is absorbed by Buu, making him stronger than ever.


He's Chichi's father and is an old pupil of Muten Roshi (Kame-sen'nin): under him he also had trained with Grandpa Son Gohan. Once he even won the Tenkaichi tournament. After his daughter marriage with Goku, he stops to be a warrior and becomes a kind and loving grandpa.


He's the eldest inhabitant of Planet Namek. He survived the catastrophe that had destroyed his homeworld and repopulated it , by giving birth to every Namek. He's the creator of the seven Dragon Balls of Namek and is able to wake up the latent power of any creature.


This very fast creature is one of North Kaioh-sama's pet. She's a grasshopper that appears only in the anime and Goku has to try to catch her and hit her on the head with a mallet as North Kaioh-sama has challenged him to do. But it's very difficult...


He's the weakest within the five members of Ginyu Force, but has the special capability to manipulate time and space. So he can stop the time as long as he can hold his breath and is also able to freeze his opponents so they can't move. He's killed by Vegeta who decapitates him just when Guldo is managing to eliminate Kuririn and Gohan.
See Ginyu Force.


He's born from the 1 Star Dragon Ball (Isshinchu) when they made the wish to revive everybody who had been killed by Freeza and his henchmen. He's as strong as a Super Saiyan 4 but when he'll absorb all the seven Dragon Balls he'll become the most powerful of all the Evil Shenlongs and gives birth to Super Ishinlon (Super Ii-Shenlong).


He's the villain protagonist of DBZ movie #12 "The Rebirth of Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta". Generated by the bad working of the "spirit's laundering" (the souls purifying machine in the Afterlife), Janemba first looks like a very playful fat guy, but however so strong to force Goku turning SSJ3; then he's a demon with a nasty sword who is able to dissolve and instantly compose himself in another place (Bunkai teleportation). Only Gogeta, born from the Fusion with the Metamoru Dance, between Goku and Vegeta, both in the Afterlife in that moment, will be able to defeat him.


One of the five components of the Ginyu Force, with long white hair and not extremely fast or powerful. His special attack is the Crasher Ball but usually Jeeth teams up with Butter. He's killed by Vegeta.
See Ginyu Force.


He's, together with TenShinHan, one of Tsuru-sennin's pupils. Small and pale, Jiaozi has the capability to stop people in their tracks and to communicate long-distance. When he takes part to the Tenkaichi tournament, he appears quite strong, but then he's not able to keep up with the other Z warriors and rarely shows up. He's TenShinHan's best friend and is ready to sacrifice his own life to save him.


He's one of Goku's opponents at the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament and looks like a dragon and a dinosaur at the same time. During the fight, he produces and throws a thing like a chewing-gum that twines around Goku's body and squeezes him, so the little saiyan is trapped! But at the end Jiran gives up in front of Goku's strenght.


This is the only female Kaioh and is a character who only appears in the anime e in DBZ movie #12. She claims to be the fastest hover-bike rider in the Universe and even challenges Goku to be faster than her to let him participate to the Afterlife Tournament ('cause he's just arrived in the Ano-yo)! At the end the winner will be....Dai Kaioh-Sama! ^_-


King Kaioh governs the Northern Galaxy, which includes also Earth. He lives on the small planet Kaioh, where gravity is 10 times as heavy as Earth's, with his monkey Bubbles (in the anime with the grasshopper Gregory too). He teaches Goku some very powerful fighting techniques, like Kaiohken and Genkidama. He can communicate through his mind with anyone. He dies when Goku teleports himself on his planet with Cell who makes it to explode. Even if he's dead and with the halo, he continues to be a protagonist in the following DBZ events, while in DBGT he fleetingly appears.


The Kaioh of the Southern Galaxy seems rather arrogant and is more tall than all the other Kaiohs. He takes many students to compete in the Ano-yo Tenkaichi Budokai but none of them gets close to Goku or Paikuhan's strength.


West Kaioh-sama is the only kaioh wearing a monocle instead of glasses; he seems to have a rivalry with North Kaioh and always boasts that his warriors are the best in the galaxy, especially Paikuhan who is almost powerful as Goku. He has the idea to organize the Anoyo Yenkaichi Budokai to celebrate the extraordinary event of the four kaioh's meeting after hundreds years.


He's the only kaiohshin surviving to Buu's slaughter of the other gods and the one who kills Badidi's father, the dark magician Bibidi. He comes on Earth during the 25th Tenkaichi 'cause he's aware of Babidi's plan to revive Majin Buu. The East Kaiohshin is by far the most powerful being in heaven and has a power comparable to the Z Warriors but he doesn't imagine that on Earth there are so much powerful creatures as the Saiyans! So he's is shocked that Goku, Vegeta and Gohan excel him, as to him they are merely mortals. Togheter with Kibith, he'll take Gohan with him on Kaiohshins Planet to make him extract the legendary Z sword! Later, by mistake, he will unite to his servant Kibith by the magic Potara earrings and with this new form he also appears in Dragon ball GT series.


North Kaiohshin appears in a flashback of DBZ episode #277 (#262 U.S. version). A cheerful god, as the other Kaiohshins seem to be too, he's the second to be eliminated by Majin Buu, although he manages to slice demon's body in two parts with his sword.


South Kaiohshin is the more powerful and expert among the Kaiohshins. He faces Majin Buu after this one eliminated West and North Kaiohshins but, during the fight, he's absorbed by Buu who becomes bigger just like him.


West Kaiohshin, the only female Kaiohshin, only appears in DBZ episode #277 (#262 U.S. version). She's the first to be killed by Majin Buu who eliminates her with no problem.


He's a Namek sent to Earth when his homeworld is about to be hit by a comet. On the new world, he creates the Dragon Balls and, in order to become the Kami on Earth, he divides from his evil and impure side. His evil half formes Piccolo-Daimao but they always will be united by a spiritual link so if one of the two dies, they both die. Much later, during the Cell and Androids' saga, as Kami-sama fuses with Piccolo (the offspring of the original Piccolo-Daimao), the two parts of him will reunite and form a very powerful warrior. But the seven Dragon Balls of Earth disappear and now the planet needs another Kami....


He's the holy cat who watch over the sanctuary on the top of the obelisk that has his same name right under Kami's Palace. His training are legendary. Inside the sanctuary grow some magic beans that can heal any wound, the senzus.


He's Kaiohshin's servant and bodyguard and also a strong fighter. Kibith has the power to heal any wound and the ability to teleport himself and others everywhere in the Universe. Towards the end of Majin Buu saga, by mistake, he unites with East Kaiohshin by the magic Potara earrings.


He's the result of the fusion, made by mistake, between the East Kaiohshin and his assistant Kibith. Kibitoshin appears during the final episodes of Majin Buu saga and also in Dragon Ball GT series. As Kibith, he has the ability to teleport himself and others everywhere in the Universe. He lives in Kaiohshins Planet with Elder Dai Kaiohshin (Rou Dai Kaiohshin).


He's the scientist, Dr. Wheelo's assistant in DBZ movie #2. He destroys the icy jail where Dr. Wheelo has been imprisoned for many year and will try to let Dr. Wheelo revive.


He is Goku's best friend and since they were just two kids they were Muten Roshi's pupils. As a Earthling, even if he doesn't have a nose, he's very strong and courageous. He marries #18 and has a daughter, Marron.



This girl has a double personality... she's very sweet and nice and blue haired... or very aggressive and violent and blond haired... she passes from a personality to the other as she sneezes. In DB she lives with Muten Roshi while in DBZ she stays with TenShinHan and Jiaozi.


He's one of the greatest master of martial arts but, although his age, he's also a dirty old man who loves to pester beautiful girls (he owns a larg pornography collection)! He invented the Kamehameha technique and he's also been the world champion of martial arts. Muten Roshi is the first person to train Goku and Kuririn extensively and he's responsible for their great strength at such an early age. He claims he took a potion granting him a very long life!


Mai is one of Pilaf 's underlings and she faithfully serves him even if this one is going to do something very stupid, which often happens. She appears in the comics Volume 2, but she didn't officially have a name until the start of the TV series. Then Toei Animation asks Toriyama to name Pilaf's two servants and he decides to call them Shuu and Mai. So her name first appears only in the comics Volume 10! After the first DB series, we'll meet her in Dragon Ball GT episode #1 when, with Shuu, she helps Pilaf to reach Kami-sama's Palace to catch the black Dragon Balls.


He's one of the contenders in the Ano-yo Tenkaichi Budokai; he comes from the West Galaxy and seems like a big dinosaur. Maraiko defeats Frog in the quarter-finals, but he'll meet Goku in the semi- final rounds and will be thrown out of the ring.


Marion is a character who only appears in the anime, where is Kuririn's girlfriend before he meets #18 and falls in love with her. We can see Marion in Garlic Jr. saga's episodes and, sometimes, during androids' saga, when she even stays at Karin's sanctuary. She's described like a very nice girl but also a stupid person.


Marron is the daughter of Kuririn and Android #18 and first appears during Great Saiyaman's saga. She lives with her parents at Kame House; Marron has got blond hair like her mother but, like her dad Kuririn, has no nose! She plays a small role during Majin Buu saga and also appears in DBZ movie #11 and in Dragon Ball GT series as a girl.


Minosha is Tapion's younger brother and appears in DBZ movie #13, "Dragon Fist Esplosion!! If Goku Can't, Who Can?". Just like Tapion, also Minosha has elf like ears and owns a sword and an ocarina. Playing a tune on this flute, he controls Hildegarn's lower half that some priestes imprisonned within his body. Tapion tells Bulma that probably his brother has been killed.


He's a ninja warrior, master in martial arts, who serves the Red Ribbon Army. He's beaten by Goku inside the Muscle Tower.


Nail is the strongest Namekian warrior on his homeworld and the bodyguard of the Grand Elder. He seems just like Piccolo but has a very different personality. On Planet Namek, he fights Freeza and, even if he easily beaten with only one arm, he succeeds in delaying the villain as Gohan, Kuririn and Dende make their wishes to Porunga, the Namekian Dragon. When Piccolo arrives on Namek and finds him half dead, Nail gives himself and allows Piccolo to rise his power.


She's a character of DBZ movie #11 "A Super-Warrior Defeat!! I am the Winner". Nain is Dr. Cory's assistant inside the bio-engineering laboratory where bio-warriors are created.


He's a saiya-jin, Vegeta's mate and underling. Nappa comes on Earth with him to search the Dragon Balls. He's more powerful than the Z warriors he meets at his arrival but later he's easily defeated by Goku. Then Nappa is killed by Vegeta, who judges him hopeless. He also appears in DBZ TV Special #1 "Bardock - The Father of Goku" where we can see him black haired.


He's a character of DBZ movie #10 "The Dangerous Pair!! Super-Warriors Never Rest". Inhabitants of Natade Village believe him a sorcerer who can help them to calm the giant monster that terrorizes the Village. He appears again in the next DBZ movie #11 where we see him inside the Palace of the rich Jagar Badda.


He's one of the three Cooler's henchmen in DBZ movie #5. Following his leader, he comes on Earth in order to search the saiyan who has killed Freezer. Neizu is eliminated by Piccolo.


This little talking pig has the capability to turn anything he wants. Even if he plays a secondary role, it's just him who manages to ask the first wish to Shenron: some girl pants!


She's the beautiful princess Goku and Pan meet in a fishing village. Really she's the look of Ryushinlon at the eyes of our heroes! Her shield, made by a tornado, can reject even Goku's attacks , but not those from the above!


This character only appears in the Anime, during the episodes of Ano-yo Tenkaichi Budokai where he fights Goku in the final match. Pai Ku Han is West Kaioh-sama's best student and seems to be a collected individual. We also meet him in DBZ movie #12 when he's called to help Goku in the fight against Janenba. But he's given the ridicule task of cursing at Janenba's giant jelly prison to free Enma and the rest of Heaven.


She's Gohan and Videl's daughter. Since she was a child, she shows an incredible power. Pan appears for the first time during DBZ final episodes, when she's allowed to partecipate to 28th Tenkaichi Budokai, even if she's only a child. In Dragon Ball GT series, Pan is a main character: she leaves with Goku and Trunks, instead of his uncle Goten, to gather the black starred Dragon Balls lost in the space. Later, during Baby saga, it'll be thanks to her tears that Goku, already at Ohzaru Gold level, will recover his reason and will turn Super Saiyan IV.


He's a Saiyan, Broly's father. Mortally wounded by King Vegeta, Paragas is saved by his infant son's latent powers. Both of them appear in DBZ movie #8 where Paragas is an average warrior come on Earth to ask Vegeta to rule "New Vegeta. But he only wants to mask his true plan to dominate all the Universe by using the huge power of his son Broly that he controls thanks to a device placed on his forehead. At the end Paragas is killed by the same Broly while he's trying to escape from "New Vegeta" planet.


He's Piccolo-Daimao's son and tries to take his revenge for his father's death, but he's defeated by Goku during the final match of 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai. Piccolo is a demon but, as the time passes, his morality changes: he joins Goku in the fight against Raditz and trains for six months the young Gohan who will become his best friend. Although he's weaker than Saiyans, his help is always very important, especially his deep wisdom. He's a Namek and is able to regenerate body parts and manipulate his size and shape. During Freeza saga, he assimilates another Namek fighter named Nail and later he fuses with Kami-sama in the Cell saga (so he obtains a great power and more wisdom), but however he wanna be called Piccolo.



To become Earth's next God, Kami-sama has to purge himself of all evil. So the Namek splits into two creatures: one good, one evil. Piccolo-Daimao is the evil half of Kami, a power-hungry being! Imprisoned inside a vacuum-sealed container a long time ago by Mutaito-sen'nin, he's set free by Pilaf. He returns young thanks to the Dragon Balls and dedicates himself to the conquer of world again, but he's defeated by Goku. Before he dies, he spits an egg from which will come to life Piccolo, to whom he pass his life essence (and spiritual bonds).


This character appears since the first Dragon Ball series when, using his two servants Mai and Shuu, he everyway will try to gather the seven Dragon Balls, driven by his obsession to rule over the world! Although he does come very close on many occasions, Pilaf never is able to get his wish and always meets Goku on his own way. So, when at the beginning of GT series, Pilaf finds Goku again, just when he's managed to reach Kami-sama Palace and to call a red dragon Shenlong, he wishes by mistake that Goku comes back a child.


He's the dragon created by the Grand Elder of Namek. His first appearance is in Dragon Ball Z during the Freeza Saga. He can grant up to 3 wishes and can call back to life someone who died more than once, but, unlike Shenlong, he cannot resuscitate more people per time with just one wish. At the end of Majin Buu saga, the new Grand Elder of Neo-Namek says he's managed to make him more powerful: so Porunga will be able to call back to life all the Earthlings. He can be summoned every 130 days, just the days needed by the Namek Dragon Balls to reactivate themselves. Like for Shenlong, also Porunga's life depends on his creator's life. His name means "God of Dreams" in the Namekian tongue.


He's Kami-sama's assistant and best friend and appears the first time in manga volume #14, when Goku reaches Kami's Palace to ask God to call Shenlong back to life. It's just Mr. Popo who reassembles all the parts of Shenlong statue so Kami-sama can give him life again. He also will be Goku's trainer during his stay at Kami's Palace and we'll always find him during all the series.


This strange little pet is Yamcha's best friend. He can fly and turn anything he wants, just like Oolong... the two, in fact, were schoolmates. Unlike Oolong, who can only shape-shift for 5 minutes, Puar can change for as long as he wants (he graduated shape-shifting school). Like Oolong, however, his power doesn't increase when he has changed into another form. He appears during the first Dragon Ball series, when aids Yamcha in robbing people that cross their desert but later, when a fight breaks out, he always be on the sidelines.


He's the big brother of Goku, who doesn't know about his existence, and appears at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z series. When he comes on Earth and discovers that Goku has lost his memory and the warrior nature of Saiyans too, he kidnaps Gohan in order to convince his father to join him and the other two Saiyans survivor in the conquer of Earth and other planets. Then Raditz his faced by Goku and Piccolo, who, for this occasion, team up to figt him; but, although he's stronger than them, in the end he's defeated, pierced through by Piccolo's Makankosappo while Goku immobilizes him.



Probably the more powerful, after the same captain, of the Ginyu Force. He's large and well-built with a great physical strength. He knocks down Kuririn, Gohan and Vegeta, but will be defeated by Goku. His best techniques are the Likoom Kick and the Eraser Cannon.
See Ginyu Force.


This strange and funny character is a Dai Kaiohshin from many generations before DBZ takes place. He is released from the Z Sword that Gohan was using to train on Kaiohshin's planet, when the sword breaks against an unbreakable rock. He gives Gohan a power upgrade and let him become Saikyou No Senshi (Mystic Gohan), but only agrees to aid the Saiyan if he gets to touch Bulma. In fact, like many minor characters in Dragon Ball, Rou Dai Kaiohshin is a pervert! He later gives up his life so that Goku may live again and can come back on Earth to perform the Potara fusion. Please note that he's the result of a fusion himself, between the original Dai Kaiohshin and an old witch...that's the reason he's so ugly-looking!^__- We'll meet Rou Dai Kaiohshin during DBGT series too.


He's the Evil Shenlong of the 2 Star Dragon Ball (Ryanshinchu). He's not very strong, so before attacking, he poisons his opponent using his evil energy: he creates a negative energy field turning the water of a lake into a poisoning mist. Although he's not so strong, he gives himself airs, he's quite smart and has a very powerful hit: a destructive energy attack from his mouth.
He was born from the negative energy due to the rebirth of Upa's father, Bora.


He's the Evil Shenlong of the 6 Star Dragon Ball (Ryushinchu) and he presents himself under the aspect of the beautiful Otohime, but his true aspect is horrible! He faces Goku with different strikes created with the air, like the Kuretsu Kidan (cutting air bullets), the Reppu Shinkuzan (emptiness harricane cut) that are blades of air, the Senpu Kaitenba (vortex rotating blades) that is a mix between a tornado and a cutter, etc... etc... His only weak point is that he cannot defend himself when they attack him from above.
He was born when Oolong asked for a pair of girl pants during the fight against Pilaf.


He's the 3 Star Dragon (born from Sanshinchu) and talks very fine, but he's absolutely cruel! He makes anything can lead him to win! He can control the cold air and make a kind of ice that it's impossible to melt. Sanshinlon can also release cold air from his entire body and, by turning his arm in a cannon, shoot icy bullets.
He was born when the Dragon Balls deleted the memory of Majin Buu from people's mind.


By winning the 24 Tenkaichi tournament, he becomes the world champion of martial arts. Rather coward by nature, Mr. Satan relies on his luck and loads of money to defeat his opponents (see the 25th Tenkaichi final match vs #18). He takes part to the Cell Games, where he's thrown out of the ring within the first two seconds, since he's not well understand the real power of his opponent. Among the Earthlings he should be one of the strongest, but he's nothing confronted to the Z warriors. He has a single daughter named Videl, who becomes much stronger than her father. He appears in DBZ series and DBGT too. In the edited version of FUNimation's English dub (but not the uncut version) he's called Hercule: probably the choise of this name has been influenced by the idea that most of the people on DBZ's Earth believe Mr. Satan to have "Herculean" strength.


This is one of Cooler's henchmen; Sauzer will be the last enemy to die in DBZ movie #5, killed by Piccolo's Makankosappo.


She is one of the few female Saiya-jin in DBZ TV Special #1 and a member of Bardock's team of planet conquerors. She's killed by Dodoria's men along with the rest of Bardock's team, after destroying the inhabitants of planet Mito for Freeza.


He's the blond and athletic guy, Gohan's classmate at Orange High School in Satan City. He likes Videl but can't accept the fact that the girl does not like him. Shapner appears during the first episodes of Majin Buu saga and, at the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai, makes a plan to find out the true identity of the Great Saiyaman. During the whole competition he tries to find out who the Great Saiyaman is and later discovers he's Gohan.


Shen is a participant of 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai and seems to be an incredibly lucky fighter because he doesn't show any mastery of the martial arts or particular attacks or Ki, but manages to defeat many powerful opponents by "luck." Shen really is Kami-sama in disguise came on Earth to face Piccolo. In fact he thinks that Goku is not stronger enough to defeat him and above all that he wouldn't eliminate Piccolo because he knows that Kami-sama would die too. After Kami-sama's spirit, trapped by Piccolo in a bottle, leaves Shen's body, he returns to be a simple man.


It's the Earthling dragon of the seven spheres. He can grant only one wish once it's summoned but he can resuscitate more people per time. Instead of Porunga, Shenlong can not resuscitate the same person more than once, but just like the Namek dragon, its life finishes as its creator dies. When Dende becomes the new Kami on Earth, the Earthling Dragon Balls are modified by him so they can ask for two wishes (instead of only one).


He's the dragon that appeared from the 7 Dragon Balls full of negative energy!
This means that he is a divine dragon with a negative spiritual power. This dragon splits into the seven Evil Shenlongs scattered on the Earth.
Unlike Shenlong, he uses bad words and always smokes the cigar!


Shuu is one of two Pilaf's servant. He appears the first time in Volume #2 of the Dragon Ball manga and dresses up in a ninja costume. He aids Mai when she is given a task, but often he foils Pilaf's plans. You must note that, during his first appearance, Mai calls him "Soba"! But, when Toei Animation makes TV show episodes and comes to Toriyama, asking him to name Pilaf's two underlings, forgetting that he had already named him Soba in the comics, he tells them to call Shuu the ninja-dog. And so this new name is carried over into his next appearances in the comics.


Lord Slug is the main villain in DBZ movie # 4 "The Super Saiya-jin, Son Goku" (published in USA as "Lord Slug"). Even if he's a Namek, he has got a rare anomaly so his heart is pure evil, not like Piccolo who's half good and a demon but a kami too. Slug is very old at the beginning of the movie, but he learns of Dragon Balls secret by reading Bulma's mind and immediately orders to his henchmen to collect them and returns young making his wish to Shenlong. When Goku powers up (nearly a Super Saiyan!) to face him, Lord Slug reveals his Namek ultimate form and becomes a giant. But Piccolo knows about weak points of his race and, after having teared up his ears, asks Gohan to whistle in order to trouble the Super Namek. Then gives his energy to Goku who recovers and finally eliminates Slug with a Genkidama.


He's the super android protagonist of DBZ movie #7 "Utmost Limits of Battle!! The Three Great Super Saiya-jin" (released in America with the title "Super Android 13"). He's born from Android #13 who absorbs chips and powers of #14 and #15, just now defeated by Super Saiyans Trunks and Vegeta. More powerful and muscled than the first #13, he seems like a blue-skin giant with orange-red hair. At first Vegeta, then all the others, are easily knocked down. So Goku convinces himself that the only way to defeat him is to use the Genkidama and really, after having gathered the needed energy, he turns Super Saiyan and absorbs it. Goku finally eliminates Super 13 by piercing him with a punch.


He first appears in Dragon Ball GT episode # 44, when he comes out from the fusion between the two # 17, the one made by Dr. Gero and protagonist during DBZ episodes of Androids Saga, and the one created in Hell by Dr. Myuu and Dr. Gero. Super 17 is an invincible warrior and his secret is to make his power grow by absorbing all the energy of the beams hurled at him by his enemies. He easily knocks down the Z warriors while Goku is prisoned inside the Hell, and then he fights with him and forces him to turn Super Saiyan IV. Even at this level, Goku isn't able to defeat him, but, just when Super 17 is going to eliminate his contender, here she comes # 18 who attacks him and let Goku discover his weak point (that's when he's absorbing energy, he must immobilize himself). So Goku hits Super 17 with his Ryuken and destroys him with a Kamehameha.


He's Chishinlon himself who, trapped Pan with a stratagem, leaves the body of the mole he before took, in order to become bigger and stronger, and learning also her fighting techniques. Goku SSJ4 defeats him only taking advantage at the right moment when he can take away Pan from Dragon's body.


His power is ten times higher than normal Ishinlon's! In this form he can use all the techniques of the other Evil Shenlongs and he can also throw an energy sphere filled of the negative energy of all the Dragon Balls.


He's the Dragon of the 4 Star Dragon Ball (Sushinchu), owned by Old Son Gohan, Goku's grandpa. He can increase his body temperature to 6000 degrees, just like the Sun. His mortal attack is the Burst Attack, a very powerfull fireball... he hurls after having made it with the energy from his own body. He's a warrior who likes fairly fighting, instead of his brother Sanshinlon. During the match with Goku, a strange loyalty relationship has born between them.
Sushinlon was born when the Dragon Balls made Piccolo Daimao return young.


He's one of the four Garlic Jr.'s henchmen appearing in DBZ episodes of Garlic Jr. Saga that take place before Goku comes back on Earth after Namek's explosion. Taado fights Kuririn and beats him very hard so Gohan gets mad, when sees his friend almost killed, and destroys the demon with his Masenko.


He's a Piccolo's demon warrior, the one who kills Kuririn and takes the Dragon Ball and the list of people that has entered the Tenkaichi-Budokai. Piccolo Daimao gives him the job to kill every fighter participating the martial arts tournament so there will be no one strong enough to use Mafuuba which had sealed the Demon Lord in the jar so long ago. Tamborine will be eliminated by Goku.


He's Tsuru-sennin's brother and a very clever killer, hired by the Red Ribbon Army in order to kill Goku. But this one defeats him and TaoBaiBai disappears for a bit and returns to fight only in the 23rd Budokai with mechanical limbs. This time he's defeated at the hands of Tenshinhan and goes into hiding for several more years. We'll meet him again only in the anime, during Cell saga as a henchman for a rich coward who is forcing a village to build a protective dome from Cell.


He's one of the competitor in the Anoyo's Tenkaichi Budokai. He's from the West Galaxy and has to fight Torbie from the South Galaxy. Tapkar can move incredibly fast, but when he shows all his capability on the ring, he runs out of energy before starting the fight against his opponent and has to forfeit.


He's the protagonist of DBZ movie #13 "Dragon Fist Explosion! If Goku Can't, Who Can?". Tapion is considered a hero by his people because, thanks to the melody of his ocarina (flute-like instrument), he's able to contain inside his body the top half of the demon Hildegarn, while his little brother Minosha keeps the bottom. Both siblings are separately locked inside two music boxes and taken far away on opposite ends of the Universe, but Tapion's box, thousands of years later, is opened by Shenlong who grants the wish of the old Ohi. Tapion has pointed ears and red/orange hair and becomes close to little Trunks who reminds him of his brother. When Tapion loses his guard and the top half of Hildegarn manages to come out, he is able to take control on him and close inside of his body, only by playing his ocarina. In the end, when Goku goes SSJ3 and finally destroys the demon, Tapion can go back in the past to his planet thanks to the time machine made by Bulma. Before leaving, he gives his new "little brother" Trunks his legendary sword.



He's Tsuru-sennin's pupil and appears during the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai that he wins defeating Goku in the final match. At first he's one of the bad guys, 'cause he's dominated by his evil master, but then he joins the Z warriors. His characteristic is to have three eyes that allow him to see even the fastest movements and he's the developer of numerous techniques such as the Taiyoken and Kikoho. He's still a very strong fighter even in Dragon Ball Z, although he has a more marginal part. His best friend is Jiaozi.


He is one of the member of Bardock's team. When all his companions are killed by Dodoria's men, he's the only who manages to survive at least till Bardock's arrival on Planet Mito. It'll be him who tells Goku's father about Freeza's treason before dieing in his arms.


He's a competitor from the South Galaxy in the Anoyo's Tenkaichi Budokai. He wins the match against Tapkar from the West Galaxy even if he doesnt even have to lift a finger to claim his victory because his opponent will have to forfeit.


He is one of the member of Bardock's team of planet conquerors and he's killed by Dodoria's men along with the rest of Bardock's team, after destroying the inhabitants of planet Mito for Freeza.


Tsuno is one of the elder guardian of the Namekian Dragon Balls. He's killed, with all the inhabitants of his Namekian village, by Vegeta who was looking for gathering the Dragon Balls before Freeza did it.


He's a character who only appears a few times in Dragon Ball but he's however rather important. Tsuru-sen'nin is the brother of the killer TaoBaiBai defeated by Goku, and long time ago he and Kame-sen'nin (Muten Roshi) trained together under Master Mutaito who taught them the Mafuuba technique which can trap the demon Piccolo Daimao. After his pupils Tenshinhan and Jiaozi set themselves free from his control, Tsuru-sen'nin dreams his revenge and appears again during the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai with his brother TaoBaiBai made as a cyborg; but, after this one is defeated by Tenshinhan, he is never seen again.


He's the villain protagonist of DBZ movie #3 "The Tree of Might". Tulece is a a Saiyan and looks just like a copy of Goku; he comes to the Earth with his henchmen to plant the seed of the Tree of Might to sap the Earth's life force for himself. He attempts to force Gohan to take his part and creates an artificial moon to let him turn an Ohzaru but Goku cuts his tail and Gohan returns a sweet child. In the end Tulece will be defeated by Goku with a Genkidama created using the life force of the same Tree of Might.


He's Muten's turtle and lives in Kame-House but often follows his master in his adventures. He appears very early in Dragon Ball, in the volume #1 of the manga when tells Bulma and Goku he's lost his way-home, so Goku takes him back to the sea. Turtle is Muten's long-time companion and constantly complains about his actions and tries to keep him in line around the ladies, but with no result!


He's Vegeta and Bulma's first son. During Dragon Ball Z series there are two Trunkses: the first is Future Trunks (or Mirai Trunks) coming from a parallel universe in the future, to prepare the Z warriors for the arrival of the two androids #17 and #18 who, in his time, have already killed every warrior except him; the other Trunks is Chibi Trunks who is born a little before the fight with the Androids begins. Chibi Trunks grows up a powerful little warrior who is already able to turn Super Saiyan. His best friend is Goku's second child Goten and with him he will give life to Gotenks.



Upa is the little Indian son of the strong Bora and together they live in Karin's land to protect Karin-sama's Sanctuary. He appears in the manga, volume # 7 and Goku meets him before facing the killer Taobaibai. We'll see Upa and his father again, in Dragon Ball Z series, during the Majin Buu saga, when they will help Goku to increase his Genkidama against Kid Buu.


She's Muten's old sister, a fortune-teller who uses her magic crystal ball to see any place on Earth and to predict the future. She also can travel between Earth and the Afterlife without dying and make a person revive for one day (Goku's grandpa).


He's the 5 Star Dragon (born from Ushinchu) and can control electricity. He obtains a giant body by absorbing some creatures named Slime. Besides, by absorbing electricity, he becomes so big he can swallow the whole city! His special technique is the Dragon Thunder that paralizes his enemies. Among the seven Evil Shenlongs he's the smaller, but he's very presumptuous and thinks he's the best.
He was born from the wish granted to recall to life Goku, when Vegeta and Nappa arrive on Earth.


Ushinlon grows up more and more when he absorbs other energy. His soft body rejects even the power of Goku SSJ4's Kamahameha. He can control the electricity but his weak point is that if he touches the water he seizes up!


He's Kid Buu's good reincarnation. Before he was eliminated by Goku, the Saiyan himself expressed the wish for his enemy to reincarnate in a good guy; his wish was granted so Uub was born. He appears during the last episodes of DBZ series as a little black boy from a poor village who Goku meets at the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai. At first he seems to have no power, but when Goku makes him angry, his true power shows so Goku ask him to become his master. Uub also appears in Dragon Ball GT and in this series he will reunite with Majin Buu and will create Super Uub.


Vegeta is the very proud Prince of Saiya-jin killed by Freeza. He comes on Earth with Nappa in order to find the Dragon Balls. He fights very hard against Goku and will remain his eternal rival; his only aim is to become strongest than Kakaroth. Although he's an evil, his life was spared by Goku and, as the time passes, he will have human feelings for his family. He will even ally with Goku to defeat common enemies. He marries Bulma and has two children: Trunks and Bra.



He's the King of Saiya-jin, Vegeta's father. Although he's one of the most powerful Saiyan warriors, his son, even if only a child, is stronger than him. Vegeta-Ou has a large hatred for Freeza, but is forced to obey his orders and to give him the young prince so the tyrant can use him like a planet conqueror. When he decides to rebel against Freeza, this one kills him rather easily. Vegeta-Ou doesn't appear in the manga but only in the anime.


Vegetto is the result of the fusion between Vegeta and Goku (VEGEta + kakaroTTO) with Potara earrings. Like every fusion we meet in Dragon Ball stories, this character is rather arrogant and does waste a lot of time without giving his enemy the finishing stroke, so his opponent often takes advantage of this. Most people believe him the most powerful warrior in Dragon Ball Universe. The fusion is supposed to be permanent, but the laws of physics change once Vegetto enters Buu. So, inside his boby, the fusion is dissolved.



Vekuu is the strange and funny character born from the first and bad attempt of Fusion between Vegeta and Goku (VEGEta+ goKUU) in DBZ movie #12. He's a fat and not very smart creature but he's anyway able to face Janenba for all the 30 minutes of Fusion, thanks to his own unforeseeable bodily movements.


She's Mr. Satan's daughter and Gohan's schoolmate. Videl is very strong, more than her father, and always defends the justice in Satan City. She asks Gohan to teach her to fly and then she falls in love with him. During the last episodes of Majin Buu Saga, we meet her as Gohan's wife and mother of Pan. Videl also appears in Dragon Ball GT and in some DBZ movies.


Scientist, in DBZ movie #2 he has been imprisoned for many years in an icy jail. Helped by his assistant Dr. Kochin, he should like to come back to live in the body of the the world's strongest man.


Yajirobe appears for the first time after the 22 Tenkaichi tournament and immediately joins Goku. He's the only one among the Z warriors who cannot use the spiritual energy, he cannot fly but he's a master with the sword. Because of his cowardliness, he tries to avoid any fight but, when he decides to participate, he's really helpful, just like when he cuts the tail of Ohzaru Vegeta during the Saiyans Saga. He becomes Karin's great friend and goes and lives in his sanctuary.


His whole name "Maju Yakon" literally means "Demon Monster Yakon". He comes from the planet of darkness and must face Goku at the second level in Babidi's ship. With a magic, the evil wizard transports everybody on Yakon's home planet to let the opponents fight in the darkness. To cope with that situation, Goku turns Super Saiyan but Yakon eats his energy. Then, using his fighting genius, Goku powers up more and more (it's in this moment that Vegeta realizes that Kakarotto transcended the Super Saiyan level) till the monster explodes.


He's Goku's first true opponent and appears at the beginning of the story during the first quest for the Dragon Balls... He's a desert plunderer and lives with his friend Puar. He becomes Bulma's boyfriend, but they always argue (in fact they break up). After the first Tenkaichi Budokai, he goes and trains with Muten, but, although he practices every day, he won't be able to keep up with Goku for much long and he finally becomes a quite marginal character.


Zangya is Kuririn's opponent during the martial arts tournament in DBZ movie #9. She's a beautiful girl with long orange hair and one of the awesome Bojack's henchmen. Zangya easily defeats Kuririn and then fights the other Z Warriors. In the end of movie #9 she's killed when Bojack shields himself with her body, before he attacks Gohan SSJ2.


Freeza's personal bodyguard, Zarbon is very strong but, since he's a lover of beauty, he holds back most of his strength to not show his true horrible aspect. When he is outmatched by a very strong opponent, like Vegeta, he uses his ability to transform into a huge, brutal monster in order to defeat him. But, during their second fight, Vegeta, now become stronger than him thanks to Saiyan Zenkai Power, kills him. Zarbon also appears during DBZ TV Special #1 where it's just him to warn Freeza about Saiyans potential danger.


He's the child who lives in the fishing village where Goku and Pan meet Otohime alias Ryushinlon, the 6 Star Dragon. The other villagers think Ryushinlon is a God, but Zod sees through the fake appearance thanks to the fact that sea-gulls were suffering due to Ryushinlons hurricanes.


He's a giant monster living in an underground cave near a volcano on Planet Kelvo. Zuunama terrorizes the people of a small village by telling them that if they dont do as he commands he will create earthquakes. When he requests a bride to marry, Trunks substitutes Lene, crosses female dresses and goes with him secretly followed by Goku, Pan and Domas (Lene's fiance). In the end, they will realize that Zuunama can predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, thanks to the movements of his mustaches, but is not able to create them. His name comes from the Japanese Namazu which means catfish.