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1) I said you smell like toenails!!! - Gohan
2) My dad taught me not to be afraid of bullies like you - Gohan
3) The captain's coming to get you! - Ginyu
4) Now you will know the horror......FREEZA!! - Goku
5) I'm a warrior! not some variety of flower! - Vegeta
6) Oh this is just great. Why did I have to start bitting my nalis again - Bulma
7) Lets shift into hyper drive - Krillin
8) I love watching soap operas - Recoome
9) Piccolo you big jerk! I take back all those nice things I said about you - Gohan
10) Someday that kid will be stronger then all of us - Piccolo
11) I didn't want to do this but I am going to have to exterminate you all - Piccolo
12) I think I burned my underwear - Gohan
13) So you wanna see my sword huh - Trunks
14) Yeah sure big guy, whatever turns you on - Freeza
15) I have to have it, I have to experience it - Vegeta
16) That guy just pointed his finger and Kakarot fell down - Vegeta
17) Hey King Kai, love the new shirt it's rippin - Goku
18) Hey Freeza! (sticks his tongue out) Here's your target! (slaps his butt) - Krillin
19) Beans gives me problems - Goku
20) When's the last time you took a bath - Goku
21) I am going to leave you flat like a pancake and I like my pancakes very flat -Vegeta
22) It was a gift from that bald headed friend of yours and that gorgeous girl - Vegeta
23) Hey Tomboy! - Bulma to Vegeta
24) I think you're actually kid of cute - Bulma to Vegeta
25) Ew! What's that smell (points at Vegeta) It' you! - Bulma
26) Anymore whipped and I'd be butter - Krillin
27) Lets wish for lots and lots of money (laughs and shrugs) - Yamcha
28) 17 and 18 make a good couple - Krillin
29) Your more like a super pedestrian then a super saiyan - Gohan to Goten
30) Gohan "Alright! I love it! Now that's what I call style. Hey, what do you think Trunks?" Trunks "Yeah it's great....." *thinks* if you like looking like a total geek that is.
31) Gohan "Hey Vegeta, since your entering, maybe you'd want to wear a disguise like mine." Vegeta "NO WAY! I WOULDN'T BE CAUGHT DEAD IN THE THING!"
32) Gohan, I can't lie to you, your outfit is ridiculous - Piccolo
33) Piccolo! Of all people! He wears a turban for goodness sakes! And those pointy little booties! and who knows what that thing is he drapes over his shoulders!- Gohan
34) The protector of the City! I am the Great Saiyaman! - Gohan (while doing a really stupid dance)
35) And Goku put his finger away too. - Krillen
36) Living is good but living in fear is not my way of living - Android 16
37) You should know that a weapon doesn't make the man - Trunks
38) Guys don't put a Piccolo on me - Krillen
39) What?! you're looking at it, I am the ultimate Android - Android 17
40) You idiots! 17 is my twin brother - Android 18
41) You know, I know some girls that would love your hair - Marron to Gohan
42) I'm sorry Gohan, I really am - Vegeta
43) Whats a Goku? - King Cold.
44) I dont have time to waste on Kakarots hair problems! - Vegeta
45) They never said that Piccolo was a Namek! Yay go greens! - Dende
46) Well Trunks at least I know youll grow up to be a handsome young man, and think, all this time I was worried youd look just like your dad! - Bulma
47) Well the greatest dad in the whole world would probably let you stay in bed, but Im gonna make you do one hundred pushups son. - Goku
48) Three hundred times earths normal gravity shouldnt be that tough. - Yamcha
49) Ducks? That makes no sense what do you mean? - Dr Gero
50) Enough kidding around! Its time you understood who I really am. Im going to let the two of you in on a little secret. Youre about to find out what its like to fight a real Super Saiyan, and Im not talking about Goku. - Trunks
51) Maybe that dance class isn't such a bad idea after all. - Yamcha to himself
52) Not fish again? - Piccolo when Gohan and Gokou catch a fish for dinner
53) Babe, you crack me up! - Goku to ChiChi
54) I think Cell would lick me! - Gokou to Piccolo, Vegita, Gohan, Trunks, Tien, and Bulma after checking out Cell
55) My Krilin's getting me a red ribbon? - Maron to Roshi after he talked about Dr. Gero and the Red Ribbon Army
56) And Frieza might be cute! - Bulma to the Z fighters.
57) So what do ya think of your younger mom? Pretty cute, huh? - Bulma to Mirai(alternate future timeline) Trunks
58) So ya wanna play cowboy old man? - Mirai Android 17 to this Mirai old man
59) My gosh! HA HA HA! Vegita's gonna be a daddy! - Goku to Mirai Trunks
60) I get it! Krilin, you just don't want to get beat up! - Gohan to Krilin
61) Gohan! Your crampin' my style!" Krilin after the previous quote *trying* to be cool(followed by Bulma calling him a dweeb and Yamcha laughing nervously like the dork-disease might be contagious)
62) If you weren't short and orange I'd say he was the better looking man! - Burter to Jeice
63) Krilin, you do realize she's and android! - Tien to Krilin
64) Don't you realize yet you're up against the perfect weapon? - Cell
65) I can never forgive you for what you've done! - SSJ2 Gohan
66) I'd rather be a beast than a heartless fool, Freeza - Goku
67) Do you hear me? Kick his butt kid!!! - King Kai to Trunks
68) That's one idea. How about this one. Vegeta's lost his mind and he's gonna fry us all! - Krillin before Vegeta's Final Flash
69) It's only fair that I should warn you guys. You don't stand a chance against me. - Trunks
70) Now you stay in the back and keep quiet, woman. I don't have time for your stupidity right now. - Vegeta to Bulma
71) Let the games begin. - Cell
72) Get along little froggie! - Vegeta to Froggized Captain Ginyu
73) I will! - Freeza
74) You've challenged and lost to a fighter who is superior to you. And what's worse, he was just a monkey, right? - Goku
75) I thought that was your face" - Piccolo
76) It looks like you know who has joined the super saiyan club" - Gohan
77) Hand me a towel Woman!!" - Vegeta to Bulma
78) Vegeta: (to himself about Mirai Trunks) Stupid boy! This is too good of an oppertunity for you to screw up!
79) 2nd form Cell: (to android 18) Im on the verge of becoming a God! What do you think?
80) King Cold: (To Frieza) Well, somethings got your blood boiling.
81) Goku: (To Piccolo after fusing with Kami) Kamiccolo!
82) Mirai Trunks: (To himself) The blood that flows through my fathers veins, flows through mine aswell!
83) Vegeta: (After killing android 19) I only wish there was a junk yard near by so that we could give hime a proper burial! (smirk)
84) Vegeta: (after kicking android 19 in the face) Nobody kills Kakarot while im around. Destiny has reserved that pleasure for me!
85) Android 17: (to 18) Whats so foolish about wanting to have a little fun?
86) Mirai 1st form Cell: (To Trunks) Dont you shush me you little punk!
87) Mirai Trunks: (to Cell) Enough you freak!
88) Vegeta: (while Goku is fighting Cell) He deserves to have the fight of a true warrior! And that means, to the death!
89) Gohan: (To Goku) I just cant hack it, Dad! Its too much for me to handle!
90) Gohan: (to goku) But dad, its my fault you died, because I got carried away!
91) Cell: (to gohan) What on earth are you mumbling about?! Chanting a little prayer before you die?
92) Tien: (to krillen and yamcha) Sorry Krillen, but its just not my style to wait for death without putting up a decent fight.
93) Cell: (to 16, before he kills him) Sorry 16, im staying. But if you have a death wish then far be it for me to let you down.
94) Android 18: (to Vegeta) I hear you flesh and blood types can be fragile.
95) Matser Roshi: (while drooling over tv) Thats it girls, keep up the good work! we gotta stay in shape! hehehe!
96) Oolong: Old man you are pathetic.
97) Krillen: (about Mr Satan) Man that guys a real moron.
98) Android 17: (to 16) Why didnt you tell us this before? 16: Because you did not ask.
99) Bulma: (to Vegeta) I know you dont want to beleive it, but you are made of flesh and blood!
100) 2nd form Cell: (to vegeta) You Vegeta, are a part of me! Vegeta: Now im going to take you apart. How ironic.
101) King kai: ( about Trunks fighting Frieza) Smack him up kid!!!
102) Mirai Trunks: (to 18 and 17, before he kills 18) How do you think my master Gohan felt when you two ganged up on him in the rain and he had no way out? (killing 18) This is for Gohan!!
103) Vegeta: (to himself, thinking about the fight with 18, in which he lost) A true super saiyan would not have fallen. Maybe im not who i think i am....
104) Vegeta: (to 2nd form Cell) You are nothing.
105) Piccolo: (to goku) Are we just going to let Gohan die?! For Cell to rip him to peices while we watch?!
106) Gohan: (after Goku dies,tears roll down his face) DAAAAADDDYYYYYYY!!!!!!
107) Krillen: (to Gohan) Thats it, cry. Just let it all out little buddy. Gohan: (crying) Its all my fault! Dad didnt have to sacrifice himself, i wish it would have been me! Now he's gone, and im still here! Krillen: Hey! Dont blame yourself kid. If it werent for you, the earth and all of us would be history. You saved us. Your dad was very proud of you, Gohan, you know that. And he had to do what he did because he loves you! Now, come on. (helps him up) 108) King Kai: (after Gohan killed Cell) Well Goku, your war is finally over. Goku: Yeah. (thinking) Gohan, Im so proud of you.
109) Vegeta: Even in the after life your better then me... DAMN
110) Trunks:(to goku) Your good, no your great!
111) Vegeta: I didn't come here to defeat you, I came here to rip you to shreds!
112) Vegeta: Kid, I eat punks like you for my morning breakfast.
113) Vegeta: Where are my manners I completely forgot to say goodbye!
114) Vegeta:My heart is pure and calm, but make no mistake it's pure evil!
115) Vegeta:Once again I am the Prince of all saiyans!
116) Vegeta: Even his house plants are stronger then Hercule
117) Krillin: You saiyan's are like bottomless pits.
118) Vegeta: You are fresh out of the factory without a warranty! 119) Goku: fuse with me. Vegeta: I rather die then fuse with you. Goku: Vegeta, you're already dead
120) Vegeta to Fat Buu: "You're ugly!"
Buu: "What is ugly?"
Vegeta: "That means you frighten little kids with your face!"
121) Goku:Shame on you
122) Cell:But i am perfect!!!...
123) Vegeta:I awoke one day to find that i had settled down..formed a family,and i'd even grown quite fond of them.
124) Goku:Vegeta do you hear what you're saying?
125) Kaioshin:I'm afraid i have no choice.
126) Vegeta:I wanted him to return me to the way i was before!*then powers up*
127) Goten:Oh i'm so dizzy.
128) Don't worry,you'll be getting it soon.
129) Android18:I think it's time you let me win,Trunks and Goten!
Trunks:Oh man we're busted!
130) Piccolo:Shake it off kid,it's not bad.
131) Vegeta:He knows we are here!!
132) Vegeta:This is sickening.
133) Gohan:There must be a way!I mean,you ARE the Supreme Kai for goodness sakes!
134) Goten:Oooh!Birdies!
135) Vegeta:Damn!Why didn't anyone tell me he could read minds?
136) Vegeta:Still think i'm bluffing?
137) Kaioshin:Can anyone tell me what's going on out there?
Vegeta:Yes.Kakarot's winning.
138) Gohan:Dad!We're out of pasta!
Goku:Excuse me!More spaghetti please?!
Vegeta:And add more eggrolls while you're at it!
139) MasterRoshi:Yey!They can finally pay rent!
140) Gohan:You......ANIMAL!!!
141) Vegeta:Enough!Be quiet!Remember I've sold my soul to Babidi!I have a sayain heart that depends on strength alone!They're nothing to me!
Goku:Grr you liar!I ain't buying it!
142) Vegeta:Well,Kakarot.Even you can prove helpless when you drop your guard.
143) Vegeta:The last thing I want is for this clown to play hero again and dangle it over my heaf.We'll finish this fight when i return,Kakarot.Till then,enjoy your sleep.
144) Gohan:Don't you worry,I'm pretty confident about my speed!
145) Vegeta:Well if I fight Kakarot the first thing I'm going to do is punch him in the gut!
146) Kaioshin:If only I had known.If only I have watched this part of the universe more closely and seen there were people like you whose physical strength has the potential to far exceed my own!
147) Vegeta:What's the matter,clown?
148) Vegeta:This is what happens when you don't train for seven years!He's completely lost his fighting sense...disgraceful.
Goku:Well,at least he's got straight A's on his report card.
149) Gohan:Boy!Talk about your lucky breaks!
150) Vegeta:Why should I sit around all day acting like this matters?!I could end this in five minutes if i want to!
151) Vegeta:I lied when I said I would let you go.Well,I will let you go...TO ANOTHER DIMENSION!
152) Piccolo:His jokes are older than he is!(talking about KingKai)
153) Goku:You are truely a helpless fool!I gave you one last chance to live!And this is how you repay me?!
154) Gohan:Mom!I'm really studying this time I swear!
155) Goku:(to vegeta) Why are you staring at me like that?Did yu find me attractive to you?
156) Goku:Watch out everyone!Android18 is here!
157) Goku:Gohan,you're giant!
158) Goku:Hey!I think there's a little me hiding behind you Chichi.
159) Goku:Ah what a little guy huh?And handsome too.
160) Goku:Gohan,is that sunburn or are you blushing?
161) Brolli:Kakarotto!
Goten: What's a Kakarotto? That's not something you can eat!
Goten: you cant eat that!
162) Goten: Trunks, what's a wizard?
(trunks falls into water)
Trunks:we came all this way and you dont know what a wizard is?!!
163) Krillin:(about Mr. Satan) That's good marketing!(pats his head.) Guy sure knows how to milk a crowd!
164) Bulma:If I crash and die i'll be very upset!
165) Freeza:(after killing Krillin) Pop goes the weasel!
166) Freeza:(to goku) We could have been so good together
167) Chibi Goku:(to oolong) Do you like bacon?
168) King Kai:(to goku) How many Super Saiyans does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Goku: I dont know.How many?
King Kai: I dont know either, but it only takes one to kill Freeza!
169) Oolong:(While watching Goku & vegeta fight) Nooooo! I cant die now! I still need to add to my collection of womens underwear!japanese version
170) Raditz: (to Piccolo) Why so blue green man?Hahaha!
171) Goten:(learning to fly) A birdy, a birdy, Goten is a birdy!
172) Vegeta: You may have invaded my mind and my body, but there's one thing a Saiyan always keeps, HIS PRIDE!!
173) Vegetto: I am the strongest coffee candy, in the world!!!!
174) Chibi Trunks: I guess I'll go super
175) Gogeta: I am neither Goku nor Vegeta. I am the instrument of your destruction
176) Vegeta: Blast you Kakarot!
177) Krillin: No I just kept it well waxed
178) Piccolo: Super Nameks have super ears
179) Babidi: He made Yakon go Boom; how did he make Yakon go boom?!
180) Babidi: Aaaahhhhh I got a paper cut
181) Goku: And this..... is what it is!!!
182) Vegeta: Maybe this is hell!?
183) (Gohan and the Elder Supreme Kai)
Gohan: HELLO?!!
Supreme Elder Kai: Huh, What what you should be concentrating
G: You was sleeping
SEK: No I wasn't I was in meditation
G:(thinks to self in sarcastic voice) yeah and i didn't know bubbles floated from your nose when you were awake.
182) Mirai Trunks: So this is what it looks like from the outside
183) Babidi: I can see you're just green with envy.
Piccolo: No, Ive always been this color.
184) Gohan: Man, I'm getting beefy.
185) Bulma: (talking bout Trunks) He tends to pee on people when he gets mad (jap version of course ;) )
186) Krillin: Do you have to walk around in your underwear (jap version)
187) Bulma: Yes, I grow old unlike you MONSTERS!
188) Trunks: Dad, your embarassing me!
189) Vegeta to Bulma: It's amazing that every time you open your mouth you prove that your an idiot.
190) Racoome: My name is Racoome and it sound like doom.
191) King Cold: what's a Goku?
192) Goku: Ahh man, if I have to fight any one of you guys in the first round, please don't punch me in the gut
Vegeta: If I am fighting Kakarot in the first round the first thing i am going to do is punch him in the gut!
193) Goku:It's gonna be strange joining with my son, I just hope Chi Chi doesn't make me go to school with him.
194) Piccolo preparing to face Majin Buu whilst talking to Trunks and Goten: I'll do the best that i can, if it doesn't work at least we'll die together.
Chibi Trunks: What do you mean the best that you can?! We were both super saiyan three's plus we were fused together and we still couldn't beat him.
Chibi Goten: Yeah! It might not matter to you because your old, but we're just little kids, we don't wanna die!