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MATRIX - A movie that will last in our memories for a long time for its special effects and for its special guest star... Son Goku!


Till now we've got only the friend
of the most famous bat in the world!
Joining this role a special character...
Son Gohan!

I have a doubt... maybe do these Saiyans succeed better as actors than as fighters?
Son Goku again! But this time playing in Forrest Gump!

Oh my God... even him? No comment!
P.S. Surely Vegeta is the one who better fits this part!

I'm touched!
Do you remember the mythical Muppets?
Wait a moment... but was Piccolo there among them too?

Another great role for Goku...
This time we see him even in Braveheart's cast!

No comment...

Ehm... the original movie wasn't so good... maybe with them it's all another story! ^_^
by Kirunks


Without any doubt he was the one who better fits a role in Star Trek series!
by Kirunks

Certainly Cell Camouflages very well among them! ^__^
by Kirunks

I feel to say that it's a very suggestive picture... ^^"
by Kabu

Mentos, the fresh maker!
How much money did they give him for this advertising?

What else will Oncle Bill invent ??? Have you ever thought about to buy one of that? I haven't found it anywhere!!!
by Kirunks

The TV series is called Baywatch... Don't tell me that you don't realize who is the blond girl in the picture!!!
What can I say? This is the end of a myth...

... and the beginning of a legend... Be afraid Sylvester!
Certainly Tweety didn't have much difficulty in turning Super Saiyan,
if we think about all the pains he must suffer!!!

The Simpsons can't be missing!!!
But how did Homer do to turn Super Saiyan?
Maybe did someone stole his beer????

I put it next to Homer,
even if this is a character of another story...
Well I think that Jiaozi fits this role perfectly...
by Kirunks

And here we even touch the legend of videogames...
The two most famous plumbers in the world!

Even our heroes aren't indifferent to Pokémon phenomenon!
by MKVegeta & Kirunks
And now here he is even in this GameBoy game... ^__^
by Cristina Bonaccini

But do you realize who is this guy? Daitaaaaaaaarn 3!!!
by Majin Dread


Here in Italy they are called "I Cavalieri dello Zodiaco" (The knights of the Zodiac).
I often saw them but I didn't know they were able to turn Super Saiyans!
by Majin Dread


And now..."it's a dirty work, but someone must do it"...
It was Goku who minded this business... to kill Kenny!

Ehm... uhm... but are we sure that they are the true protagonists of this serial?
by Kirunks

Here we're always talking about Toriyama's genius! ^__^ What can we say... it's a very nice picture! ^__^
by Pink40

This is really nice... maybe the Saiyans will set us free
from the mythical Sonic the hedgehog made by SEGA?
We'll see!
by Kirunks


Did you know about this passion for bikes?
No matter... the Saiyans never stop to amaze us!!

These four pictures bring some names with them... the names of their authors...
Sandro Castellani
Tommaso Cherici
Massimo Castellani
They are just great photomontages...
All Valentino Rossi's fans will smile at seeing them...

Which is the name of that song...? Ah... right... "W l'Inghilterra"! ^_^

A boy rightly remembered to me "God save the Queen"... and I must say that this
picture perfectly expresses these words...


Uhm... who knows if this guy is able to foresee something...
by Kirunks

Wow... now that she's got some weapons in her hands... beware of Bulma!!!
Do not contradict her!
by Kirunks