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Dragon Ball

Why when Mutaito (Muten's Master) fights against Piccolo Daimao, first Muten is completely bald and then, during his training with Popo, when Goku travels back in time and meets Mutaito and Muten, this one has his hair?
(by Vegenks)

Why even if Goku can defeat Piccolo Daimao, when he travel back in time he cannot even touch Mutaito who has been beaten by Piccolo himself?
(by Chibi Goku)

Why Mafuuba, which is the beam for evil holding, works even on Kami, who once got rid of Piccolo Daimao, his evil half?
(by Crilin SSJ)

From the TV serial. When Pilaf is planning to conquer the world, he looks at a globe where there are our same continents. But the world of Dragon Ball is different from ours!
(by Marco Abundo)

From the TV serial. During the 23rd Tenkaichi tournament, when Tao Bai Bai wounds Tenshinhan with a knife, this one is wearing his suit, but in the next shot he doesn't wear it anymore and it is not on the ground. How come?
(by Marco Abundo)

During Piccolo Daimao Saga, Piccolo's assistant explains to the human chefs what his master eats; there are stewed meats, puddings, etc... Then in DBZ we discover that Piccolo was a Namek and that Nameks do not eat anything but drink just water!
(by Marco)

During the 23rd Tenkaichi, after the fight against Tenshinhan, Goku has not the wrist weights anymore. But in the final match between Goku and Piccolo, during the scene when Piccolo shoots a beam at Goku and pierces his left side (I'm talking about the manga), you see clearly in the next picture that he's wearing one of the wrist weights he took off during the fight with Tenshinhan!
(by Majin Gogetenks ssj3)

At page 44 of Dragon Ball manga volume #1 (in the Italian deluxe version), Goku falls asleep without his wrist weights. When he wakes up, instead, we see him wearing them in the three vignettes of the next page. The wrist weights appear again at page 46.
(by Andry ssj)

At page 102 of Dragon Ball manga, volume #7 (in the Italian deluxe version) Kuririn sniffs the diamond given him by Bulma; but, am I wrong or Kuririn could not do it because he has no nose?!
(by Andry ssj)

After the final match against Piccolo at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai, Kami-sama re-forms Goku's battle suit, with the wrist weights too; but when, soon after, Goku asks Yajirobe for another senzu (which he'll give to Piccolo), we see his right arm without wrist weight. I'm talking of the anime!!!
(by Majin Gogetenks ssj3)

Dragon Ball Z

When Piccolo trains Gohan, he destroys the starship used by Goku to reach Earth when he was a kid. But then Bulma's father finds it and he says "It's almost intact" and so he manages to send Goku on Namek.
(by Son Andryi, Son Clausio and Dark Super Saiyan)

Why does Gohan's tail grow again even if Piccolo cut it the same way Kami did with Goku's one years before?
(by Davide)

From the TV serial. During the fight between Goku and Freeza, Gohan takes Piccolo to Goku's ship. On the way Gohan sees the Ginyu's team dead on the ground, and there is Guldo with his head still in place!!! But it was cut off by Vegeta!!

From Dragon Ball Deluxe #24 at page 47, when Goku remains astonished at Rikuum's ridiculous positions, the kanji symbols are missed from the front of his suit.
(by Marcuz il Custode)

On Namek, when Freeza tells Vegeta about his father and the destruction of the Saiyan Planet, when he gets rid of Vegeta, he's wearing a more sophisticated battle suit, but in the next shot, he's wearing the old one again. Why?
(by Crilin)

When Vegeta is going to pass away under Freeza's hand, we see Freeza grabbing him by his neck and lifting him. Vegeta has a hole on his battle suit done by Kuririn when he shot at him so he could be healed up by Dende. Suddenly we see Vegeta's suit absolutely undamaged, without the hole!!! Then here it is the hole again!!!
(by Son Gohan 2001)

When Goku flies towards Freeza's ship, after having killed him, in order to escape from Namek that's about explode... realizing it is damaged, he exits it and flies into the sky screaming, while the planet explode. When he returns on Earth and explains how he managed to escape from Namek, he tells he used one of the Ginyu's team's ships... From the TV serial, we can even see the whole scene... Goku inside Freeza's ship and as he notices Ginyu's capsule, exits, takes one just in time and escapes... but Goku had exited Freeza's ship and flown into the sky and surely he couldn't have the time to come back and take it later.
(by Alex_20)

From Dragon Ball Deluxe #24 at page 47, one of the epaulettes of Goku's Yardrat suit is missed.
(by Marcuz il Custode)

Please note: click to enlarge the image and see the whole page!!!

From the TV serial. 1) When Goku, during his fight with Freeza, announces he will fight by his own... in a screen-shot Kuririn is wearing the suit of Muten's pupils instead that the battle suit.... 2) In the episode when Dr.Gero returns to his lab, there is a scene where he has both hands while one had been cut off by Piccolo!
(by Shinji Kakaroth)

From the TV serial. As Vegeta sees Trunks he says Trunks cannot be a Saiyan 'cause all the Saiyans are black haired. If so, why in a previous shot did they show Vegeta with his father and other Saiyans who had blond or red hair?
(by Crilin - Picture by Piccolo)

From the TV serial. There are the three cyborg traveling on a van they've just stolen... and as far nothing to say. Then we see a sick Goku having a nightmare: he dreams about the cyborg attacking his dear ones and he can do nothing. The strange fact is that he dreams of them coming on a van!!! Besides, he haven't met them yet, but we can clearly recognize #17 and #18!!! Does he acquire a new special capability???
(by Benny)

During one of Goku's heart attack, Yamcha gives him a pill, saying it's a medicine given him by Trunks. But the next day the medicine bottle contains a liquid.
(by Piccolo DBZ)

From the TV serial. When Gohan tries to turn SSJ but he can't, Goku tells he need to get very mad and invites him to think about Cell killing him, his family, his friends. But Gohan replies he doesn't even know how Cell looks like. So, how come that Gohan dreams about Cell killing Piccolo and slapping his mother?
(by Giox)

In Dragon Ball Deluxe #33, Dende was taken to Earth by Goku to replace Kami. He modified the Dragon Balls in order to have the possibility to take back to life more people at one time. This meant that the wishes from three reduce to two, but in volume #42 the number of possible wishes returns to three. Why? How come? When have they been modified again?
(by Marcuz il Custode)

Inside the Room of Spirit and Time can enter only two persons at the time. If so, why during the struggle against Majin Buu, there are Majin Buu, Piccolo and Gotenks?
(by Super Namecciano)

Errors in DBZ. Try to read very carefully the last two volumes... Toriyama really messes it up with Potara... now Kaioh Shin wears them, then he doesn't, then he does, then he doesn't, then he does, then he doesn't... (the same happens to Goku and Vegeta, who wear the Potara on the wrong side!)
(by Shinji Kakaroth)

In the manga Piccolo has four fingers... in the anime five!!!
(by Kakaroth SSj4 DB-Total)

From the TV serial. It said to Goku that the Snake Way that leads to King Kaioh's planet is about 100km long. How can it be possible that Goku, who's stronger than a common man, takes 6 months to cover it, when even a normal human being would takes just one day, maybe two?
(by Evil Mikachu)

When Vegeta is training inside the gravity room, built by Bulma's father, at 500G and it explodes, Yamcha and Bulma go and see what has happened. Now Yamcha is wearing the red battle suit, while when Bulma, scared for Vegeta's hand that suddenly emerges from the ruins, falls over him, he's wearing a white suit. Then he will wear again his red suit!!!
(by Gohaku)

After Dr. Gero's turned on #17 and 18, they refuses to obbey him so he begins to discuss with them. In these scene, that shows him from behind, his right hand is present while Piccolo just cut it off during the fight just ended!
(by Bra-chan)

The Z warriors (but Piccolo and Vegeta) learnt to feel the Ki of the others during the training at Kami's Palace. The only ones who did not take part to this training are Muten Roshi and Yajirobei. Why then during the Cell and Majin Buu sagas (at least in the anime) is Muten Roshi able to feel the enemies' Ki? Where and when did he learn it? This was very clear in the episode where Cell, Vegeta, Trunks and #16 were fighting on the island.
(by Wedge)

Trunks has been literally pierced by one of Cell's shot, right? Why, then, when Tenshinhan and Yamcha rush to help Gohan, is Trunks' battle suit perfectly intact?
(by Goten Super Saiyan Full Power)

In the Cell Games Saga, after Gohan transcends into Super Saiyan 2 it shows him fighting the Cell Juniors. Only seven Cell Jr's were made by Cell, but Gohan kills eight.
(by Adam)

In the Namek Saga the Eldest Namek told Kuririn that had special power inside him and Kuririn said that if he had special power then he would have hair. But later in the Saiya-man Saga he has hair and in the World Tournament Saga Kuririn tells Goku that he always had hair. Plus, in Dragon Ball, Kuririn said he shaved his head.
(by RewZone)

During Androids Saga, when Yajirobe's plane is downed and everyone realizes that Cyborgs have reached the city (in DB volume #28), Yamcha, who is wearing a crew cut and upright black hair during this saga, now, in this table, is seen from behind wearing pageboy hairstyle! But he wore this last hairstyle during the training before androids' arrival (and this part doesn't appear in the manga)! How can it be possible that Yamcha changes his hair during the same scene?
(by YamchaZ)

It seems that in manga, during Majin Buu saga, Vegeta's wife changes her hairstyle without a reason in a couple of tables!! Exactly we can see this thing in manga volume #41, down in the last vignette at page 19, and down at the centre of the table at page 21 of the same volume. In both scenes we can see Bulma from behind and she's got hair long almost over her shoulders, while we know that during this saga she wears her hair very short back of the nape.
(by Kabu)

All of us know that when Vegeta and Nappa come on Earth, they both wear very similar battle suits, but , instead of Vegeta's, Nappa's suit has blabk breast, back and hips... But if we see at page 41 of DB manga volume #19, we notice that Vegeta's battle suit now is black and not white anymore.
(by Majin Gogetenks ssj3)

In episode #268 (U.S. version #253) "Union of Rivals", shouldn't have Vegetto been a permanent Super Saiyan, that was unable to power down, from the start since Vegeta was clearly ascended when he and Goku fused? A pot hole in the old Kaiohshin warning to Goku.
(by -J-Chan the Silver Otaku)

In DBZ, Freezer saga, just when Freezer and Vegeta finish talking about the destruction of the Saiyan home planet, (original Japanese episode #78 titled "Is This Freezer? Transformation to a Million Fighting Power") when fighting each other (Freezer is in his normal, first stage and will soon transform to his second stage), in one image, just one, we are able to see Vegeta with the armor he used to wear in the first times on Namek, and then we get back to his new armor, which he got after the Ginyu Force battle, which he is using now. Vegeta is really quick changing armors, isn't he?
(by Miguel Pinho)

Did the halo disappear? In manga volume #42 at page 82 (first vignette), Vegeta's halo there's not anymore. Don't say that it's above his head because, comparing with the other tables, the halo should have been visible. The same thing happens at page 67 (top vignette and low vignette on the left) and at page 69 (low vignette on the left where we see Vegeta from behind)!!! Maybe did he forget his halo inside Buu's body?
(by Majin Gogetenks ssj3 & Sokidan)

Fusion dance but Gotenks is naked!!! At the end of Majin Buu Saga, when a party takes place at Goku's home, Goku is in the bath with Trunks and Goten and the children perform the Fusion dance but... Gotenks comes out naked!!! Really Trunks and Goten were naked before the Fusion, but Metamoru Dance always gives as result a character dressed like Metamoru's people with the usual gilet and pants! Isn't true? But in this case, where have gone the dresses?
(by Vegetto)

in the manga, volume #38 at page 64, when Goku is attacked by Yakon, the monster tears up Goku's suit... Pages go by but, suddenly, at page 128, Goku appears with a new dress without tears!
Did he have a spare suit? No... because in the next tables the tear appears again!!!
(by Sokidan)

During Majin Buu saga, Vegeta wears as battle suit, a blue jumpsuit (it appears black in the comics), sleeveless! But at page 185 of DB manga volume #38 (in the Italian deluxe version) in the second vignette, suddenly some sleeves appear! O_O
(by Majin Gogetenks ssj3)

Dragon Ball GT

When a Saiyan turns Ohzaru (unless he's wearing a battle suit, but this is not the case) remains nude, in fact when he turn normal he's not wearing any clothes. How come that when Goku turns SSJ4 suddenly he's clothed? Vegeta's case is even worse, in fact when he turns SSJ4 from Ohzaru he has even the belt!
(by Son Alex Columbano)

In the last episode when Goku unites with the seven dragon spheres he has the tail, while when Pan meets him after 100 years during the tournament when Goku Jr. and Vegeta jr. fight, he doesn't have it anymore.... how come?
(by Davide)

When Goku, Trunks and Pan go inside the ship where is Baby to take the first sphere, Pan is wearing a space suit with her name written on. But Pan joined the expedition instead of Goten, so on the spacesuit there should be his name... instead it's even of the right size for her!!! How can this be??? Is it like the battle suit or does Pan never leave home without wearing a space suit under her clothes????
(by Piccolo)

Trunks, in bed after he's been ill-used, affirms the warrior hit him was #17, 'cause he felt a ki similar to #18's one. But 17 and 18 are cyborg and do not have a ki, since neither Shenron could make them completely humans. Where does this find an explanation?
(by Piccolo)

During Super #17 saga, Goku SSJ4, after he's hurled against a wall by the super cyborg, immediately reappears to face him thanks to teletransport. But, since the cyborgs do not have a ki, how could Goku use teletransport?
(by Piccolo)

When the two #17 open the dimensional passage they're able to keep it open for a long time, even after they have crossed it. Not only, but even Nappa & company can cross it later. Instead, Piccolo and Dende can keep it open just the time to allow Goku to cross it, but not Piccolo. Why does this happen? In reason of what? Isn't the principle the same?
(by Piccolo)

When Goku is hit by Super #17, he returns to his normal dimension. He says he's so tired he can't even stand on his feet. #17 is about to hit him again, when #18 interferes and help Goku to defeat #17. Goku stands up, recovers his strength and deals his Dragon Fist at #17. How did he? Did someone heal him up?
(by Super Guerriero Namecciano)

During DBGT episode #34 (original titled "Did the Transformation Fail? Goku As a Great Monkey Roughs Goes on a Rampage!"), Pan tries to set Goku, who is transformed into Ohzaru Gold, to recover the control on himself. She talks to his granpa and, by showing him a photo, remembers when she was a child and all the family and friends were on the beach! Don't you think there's something strange?! We can see that Goten and Trunks are two children... but they should have been teenagers as they were at the end of DBZ series!
(by Rivolta)

This is a very special mistake because it's ten times as big as the normal errors. In fact, without this mistake the whole DBGT series could not happen (for this thing the most of people might be happy, just like me)!
During DBZ series, in Kid Buu saga episodes, Polunga calls back to life all people killed since 25th Tenkaichi tournament's day, but evils. But Pilaf... isn't he a villain? So, why did he come back to life? If he didn't DBGT series could start?
(by Andry ssj)

Pilaf uses the Black Star Dragon Balls to summon Shenron which are located at Dende's lookout, but In Dragon Ball Z the Dragon Radar doesn't pick these Dragon Balls up, which may be explained by how high up they are. But in GT they use the dragon radar in space to find them on planets far away.
(by OPO)

Marron, just like his father Kuririn, has no nose, but inexplicably, in DBGT series she gets it!!
(by LAcermo)


In movie DBZ #4 Super Saiya-jin Goku / Lord Slug, King Kaioh tells Goku by telepathy that the Super Namek is invincible and neither Vegeta or Freeza or a Super Saiyan can defeat him! I can understand he makes Vegeta's name, but Freeza... Goku, before he went on Namek didn't know who Freeza was and if he did, then he already had been on Nameck, so he could turn SSJ, but instead he cannot yet.
(by Davide)

In DBZ movie #6 "Clash!! 10,000,000,000 Power Warriors" (U.S. version "The return of Cooler"), during one of the final scenes, just before Goku turns Super Saiyan and shoots the finishing stroke at Cooler (Big Gete Star), we can see Vegeta stretched out on the ground, with black hair. Soon after, while Goku is charging a ki sphere in right hand, we note Vegeta, still unconscious on the ground, as a Super Saiyan with blond hair.

In movie DBZ #12 The Rebirth of Fusion! Goku and Vegeta , Goku's top suit is completely ripped. In a later shot the right side is undamaged!
(by Kakaroth SSJ4 DB-Total)

The sword that Trunks uses to kill Frieza and King Cold in DBZ is supposed to be given by Tapion. Well, Tapion gave it to him somewhere after the Cell saga, I suppose, since Gohan is already grown and already met Videl. How come this happens if in Future Trunks' (the one who killed Frieza and King Cold by journying through time) timeline there was only destruction caused by the androids, Goku and all the Z fighters but Gohan are all dead, and there was no way that the story of Tapion and Hildegarn becoming free again and then Trunks being given the sword could happen? Does not make sense.
(by Miguel Pinho)

In DBZ Special #2 "The History of Trunks", when Mirai Gohan fought the androids, he managed to rip #17's left shoulder before the match. But right before #17 and #18 killed Gohan, the shirt was magically repaired! ^_^
(by -J-Chan the Silver Otaku)