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this is probably the page im gonna work on ALLOT!

Yes thats me.........Well thats about it BYE *logs off comp*...JK!!!well really im just a normal kid.Not a jock not a a SUPER POPULAR person not a nerd (well at time's) and no a stuck up kid,but just me. My intrest are #1 A girl at school (wich her name wont be typed)  #2 DBZ DUH! #3 my friends.
I started to get into DB/Z/GT when I was 6 i saw my cousin waching it on the I channel (Phillipeno TV station) and i saw goku kickin' a$$ al over the place (goku vs frieza after SSJ) and i feel in love with the show.
My mom's into DBZ also but not as addicted as me ^_^.
I supose im seme popular at my school well everybody knows my name probable cuz the want me to draw them a picture.
My fav. hobby has to be drawing i love it. its soo calming and easy for me. At school there are some prety descent drawers but everybody say's im the best.
Furman Tucker,John Hill Marcus Horace,Chris Blackmon, and I are probable the heart and soul of our school's drawing system.
Thats about it. * Clicks done under Edit Html*

Yup this is me (and my super small room)

Hi it mee