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  Alright im pissed!!!!!!!!! gay people dont belive this is my site! just to let you know my name is Pancho Joshi  and my yahoo name is joshi_myen or alturnatx   THAT GOES FOR YOU TO "MIROKU_THE_FRIENDLY_BAKA!
         Sorry have'nt updated for like a week but any way been lookin' at my friends site ( Trunks Productions ) and watching Signs and Spiderman ( both on DVD ). im now into makein' trailer's ( and im spreedin' the word ) ill post them soon!

Sorry there was no news for like 4 day's but i was WAY to busy with road runner i couldnt balive how fast it was on kazza HOLY COW WAS IT FAST! 100.?? per sec ohh well I might start to work on a V 2.0 of Paco Pro. but any way i gotta eat my Mac Donalds breakfast bye!


Not much news today, but i got new banner's up roms page and downloads and other place's...ALLSO I fianly got a chance to use HTML's and there awsome! well i get RR(Road runner ) 2morrow yeah!!!!!


HMMMMM...what to say? Well no news today im going to change the download of the week 2 morrow

Pulse im working on an awesome possum music vid song =Life styles of the rich and famous Clips = just some episodes and o well ill update 2morrow!


Why hello hello Baby *Austin Powers Accent*. I forgot about that old FatKirby Site. I decided to upload my own roms! So all I have to say is....MY ROMS ARE UP AGAIN AND BETTER THAN EVER! Plus I get Road Runner on the 31st YEAH!

PS I Got Kingdom Hearts,Dead or Alive 2,AND Spiderman The Movie All for PS2 Because my mom forgot about Christmas! ^_^


HOLY POOP! ALL THE NEW'S IS GONE THANKS TO THIS GAY HIT COUNTER!........Well any way not to worry its just news.Good news I just got Kindom Hearts (*Jumps for joy*) and the bad news -_-. The Pokemon Movies  dont work
But for late X-mas Present i will give you my account
and if this doesn't work I dont know what to do (whats a 13 year old to do?)

DragonBall , Z , GT Sites Top 50

>< kaaaaa \/ meeeeehh (\ /) haaaaaaaaaaaa (>\/)> MEEEEEEEEEEHHHHH ...... (>\/)>==========>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Paco Pro Is Super Cool!

              Good and bad news today people alright the good news is that today is Christmas Eve (i forgot all about christmas! ^_^) and also i got on kazza and got a bunch of new roms and ill update as soon as posible.Now the bad news i'm a member os Pokemon Palace right?!?,and im trying to get you people a good link to the pokemon movie's right ? and the link is DIRECTLY to it right? But then at the last min it says 'You must be a memeber to acces this page' BUT not to fear im on the case ill fix it! 

Merry Christmas

               WHO-HOO! i got almost everything up! Roms are up and at em' So are all the Downloads! I even got all the Pokemon Movie's )yes including 4). Also mergde with another site so i could use there Manga Scans too!(Not that I have enough already)! Well thats about it

           HAHAAHAHHAHA! After all the hard work and preperation i finally got this site up! I have all the things planned out,the links pics clips EVERYTHING! O.K call me stupid but before to day I thougt Tripod prvides 5mb of space. But I now know it is 20mb! Yea! So dont leave this site cuz it sux (now) there are plenty things to come!