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Currently viewing the Dragon Ball video clips...
<download> type: .mpa | size: 1.28mb
description: Goku discovers Bulma is not only missing her tail but something that Grandpa Gohan had.
<download> type: .rm | size: 215kb
description: Bulma shows Goku her behind and asks him to touch it.
<download> type: .rm | size: 1.14mb
description: The wedding between Goku and Chi-Chi.
<download> type: .rm | size: 1.49mb
description: Master Roshi gives Goku the Flying Nimbus cloud for helping Turtle get back home.
<download> type: .rm | size: 800kb
description: A younger Master Roshi throws a Kamehameha at Oozaru Goku.(Minor video glitches)
<download> type: .mpg | size: 1.59 MB
description: Chi-Chi takes on Goku in a World Tournament match, she seems to be winning but will she defeat Goku?

Currently viewing the Dragon Ball Z video clips...
<download> type: .ram | size: 885kb
description: Dodoria doing a big mouth blast towards Bardock and other Saiyans.
<download> type: .ra | size: 686kb
description: Piccolo and Android 17 in a stand-off battle.
<download> type: .ra | size: 656kb
description: Imperfect Cell turning into his second form by absorbing Android 17, while Android 16 & 18 try to escape.
<download> type: .mpeg | size: 728kb
description: Goku performing the Spirit Bomb while in Super Saiyan form.
<download> type: .mpeg | size: 870kb
description: Super Saiyan Goku "destroying" Cell by doing a Kamehameha.
<download> type: .mpa | size: 618kb
description: Goku and Vegeta fusing into Super Saiyan Gogeta while fighting Janenba.
<download> type: .mpa | size: 348kb
description: Super Saiyan 2 Gohan showing his rage against Cell Jrs.
<download> type: .mpeg | size: 500kb
description: Super Saiyan Trunks & Goten fuse into Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks.
<download> type: .mpa | size: 947kb
description: Krillin easily fighting people in a World Tournament.
<download> type: .mpeg | size: 175kb
description: Majin Buu stomping on Super Saiyan Majin Vegeta.
<download> type: .mpeg | size: 495kb
description: Trunks taking on both Android 14 & 15.
<download> type: .mpa | size: 915kb
description: Vegetto turning into Super Saiyan Vegetto in front of Evil Buu
<download> type: .ram | size: 578kb
description: Super Saiyan Trunks slicing and dicing Frieza-bot.
<download> type: .ra | size: 889kb
description: The intro to the PSX game DBZ Ultimate Battle 22.
<download> type: .mov | size: 708kb
description: Super Saiyan Vegeta doing Big Bang attack on Super Saiyan Goku and Metal Cooler.
<download> type: .mpa | size: 667kb
description: Vegeta evading every attack Majin Pui Pui does as Gohan, Goku, and Supreme Kai stand behind looking.
<download> type: .ram | size: 592kb
description: Goku and Krillin find Gohan's location when he starts to take a 'leak' on Krillin's head.
<download> type: .ram | size: 1.45mb
description: Vegeta fighting against training robots under 300G of gravity.
<download> type: .mpa | size: 1.06mb
description: Krillin attemps to attack Piccolo in one of the last World Tournaments.
<download> type: .mpa | size: 1.34mb
description: Broli turning into Ultra Super Saiyan Broli.
<download> type: .ram | size: 1.22mb
description: Trunks turning into a Super Saiyan in front of Frieza-bot and King Cold.
<download> type: .ram | size: 1.51mb
description: Super Saiyan Trunks stops Frieza-bot's Death Ball attack.
<download> type: .ram | size: 1.50mb
description: Super Saiyan Trunks faces King Cold and easily defeats him.
<download> type: .rm | size: 254kb
description: Super Saiyan Vegeta finds out that the boy who came from the future is his son Trunks.
<download> type: .mpg | size: 970kb
description: Frieza falls victim to his own mass destruction.
<download> type: .mpeg | size: 842kb
description: Goku shoots a disk attack at Majin Buu, he is then sliced but is he really destroyed for good?
<download> type: .mpa | size: 3.63 MB
description: Super Saiyan 2 Goku gives it his all and finally kills Majin Buu.
<download> type: .mpeg | size: 3.72 MB
description: Goku turns into Super Saiyan 3 Goku, Babidi surprised by Goku's transformation.
<download> type: .mpa | size: 2.28 MB
description: Great Saiyaman fights the big monster, Hildegarn.
<download> type: .mpa | size: 2.27 MB
description: Super Saiyan 2 Gohan kills Bojack.
<download> type: .mpa | size: 3.71 MB
description: Super Saiyan Goku and Super Saiyan Vegeta finish off one of the Metal Coolers.
<download> type: .mpa | size: 4.57 MB
description: Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2 for the first time after seing Android 16's head get destroyed.
<download> type: .ram | size: 4.28 MB
description: A clip explaining how Mr. Satan suppossedly killed off Cell.
<download> type: .mpg | size: 4.44 MB
description: Majin Buu absorbs Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks and Piccolo.

                                         *Updated  12/23/02*

Saiyan Saga
Download Now!
The beginning of Dragon Ball Z, go back to the good old days when Goku looked normal. Also, Gohan is missing and Goku tries to find him! But as Goku does that, Piccolo meets Radditz!
Size:1.17 megs

Download Now!
Piccolo vs Radditz. Piccolo gives an explosive blast but as Piccolo shows off his power, Radditz is not hurt one bit. Piccolo looks like he's about to pee in his pants but Radditz leaves before he can kill Piccolo. Geez, that's pretty lucky, Piccolo. Radditz flies off to find Goku!
Size:1.03 megs

Download Now!
Reunion at Master Roshi's house! Bulma gets pissed at Yamcha, Gohan and Goku fly on the Kintoun to Master Roshi's house. But Radditz follows Goku silently...
Size:1.13 megs

Download Now!
Reunion at Master Roshi's house! Gohan makes his first appearance and the gang is surprised that Goku has a son. If Goku has a son, he's supposed to be a natural martial artist, right? Hmph, maybe.
Size:1.17 megs

Download Now!
Goku finally gets Gohan down from a tree and while Goku finds Gohan, Radditz is still looking for Goku. Radditz even has a little flashback on how he sent Goku to earth.

Freeza Saga
-Download Now!
Goku has a nice speech...I didn't know he had such a versatile vocabulary. Just kidding, this is the dub and this is a speech before the fight. It even shows Gohan digging his Namek friends.

Download Now!
AN AMAZING BATTLE between Freeza and Goku starts. It's too great, you need to see this! I mean it! The battle starts to get really nice in this clip, go ahead and give it a download!

Download Now!
The energy battle continues, Freeza blows up an entire landscape! The explosions are starting to fly and this may kill anybody who is actually near the battle.

Download Now!
Freeza finally notices how strong his opponent is. There is a cosplay of history of the Saiyajin heritage. It's a really nice clip on how Goku and Freeza are evenly matched. (for now)

Download Now!
Peace? Has Freeza really been defeated or is all this celebration for nothing? But I'll tell you one thing: Goku hasn't smiled like that for a long time. So it can't be bad omen, correct? Hopefully so.

Download Now!
As King Kai tells everybody that Goku has won against Freeza, the dead Z-senshi get excited and as they get excited, their fighting spirit gets high and things don't look too good for the Ginyu Force!

Download Now!
Goku looks like this may be his last minute but Piccolo risks his life to save Goku. Freeza smiles and is getting revenge on the remaining Z-senshi. Goku has no power left to fight Freeza.
Size:1.78 megs

Download Now!
As things couldn't get any worse, they pretty much do. Goku looses his best friend Krillin, after being savagely murdered by Freeza. Goku tries to turn his rage into power. The question is: Who will be dead next?
Size:1.02 megs

Download Now!
A very memorable moment and a proud moment for all Saiyajins! Goku turns Super Saiyajin for the fist time! Goku yells at Gohan to leave with Piccolo. Gohan gets scared and runs...this moment of darkness has finally changed!
Size:1.47 megs

Download Now!
As Freeza tries to kill Goku, it looks like Goku might actually be killed. As Goku looks like he's about done for, he comes up with a trick!
Size:1.69 megs

Download Now!
Vegeta shows off the dreams he once had of being the greatest fighter in the world. Even when it seems absolutely hopeless, Vegeta always stood up tall and proud!
Size:2.15 megs

Download Now!
GOKU WINS! After all that time spending on defeating Freeza, Goku has finally accomplished what seemed close to impossible. Amazing! Ironically, Freeza fell for his own trap!
Size:2.04 megs

Download Now!
Wow, Goku does too many good deeds...After Freeza hurts himself, Goku heals him up. That move might proove Goku fatal! Freeza might use the energy on attacking Goku back.
Size:1.32 megs

Cell Saga
-Download Now!
Here we go! The fated showdown between SSJ2 Gohan and Cell has begun. One will claim the victory. This is a battle that decides the fate of an entire universe. Can the mini Saiyajin come thorough?!!??

Download Now!
Gohan and Cell have started the battle between giants. Goku tells Gohan to give it everything he's got but Cell has two hands available while Gohan has a one arm disadvantage! Looks like this battle will be incredibly hard to win.

After Life Boudakai Saga
-Download Now!
The battle has started and surpisingly, Goku uses his number one move the first time. Pikkon just dodges all of Goku's moves. What can the mighty Saiyajin against such a fast opponent!!?!?

Download Now!
The battle is starting to turn into a sadistic death match between Goku and Pikkon. Pikkon uses his Tornado of death move on Goku and Goku gets sucked in! How will the mighty Saiyajin get out of this one!

Download Now!
Goku overpowers Pikkon's tactics and Pikkon is left with a blank expression on his face, Goku finally gets so angry, he uses his old perfected move, the "Super Kaioken"! But Pikkon still hasn't given up, as soon as he his injured, he gives Goku one of the toughest fights in his life!

Download Now!
As Goku and Pikkon get down to the nitty gritty, Pikkon uses his special Fire Technique. It's powerful and Goku gets hit with it twice. Goku is left with many injuries afterwards. Surprisingly, he's still alive.

Download Now!
Goku and Pikkon square off in an intense display of martial arts! Man, what a battle! Goku and Pikkon keep on matching wit with wit and muscle with muslce. Both fighters look as they are equal. But Goku makes a fatal mistake that could cost him the match!

Download Now!
As it looks like Goku will lose, he sees a flaw in Pikkon's Thunderflash move. Goku, now knowing Pikkon's weakness, takes advantage of it with a kamehameha. The crowd looks stunned as Goku is the final winner of the match.

Download Now!
Goku is declared winner of the After Life Tournament. Pikkon is amazed by Goku's skills and they shake hands. Goku even helps Pikkon up. Goku says thank you for a spectacular fight and Pikkon gives him a gentle gesture of thank you. Both are very modest.

Download Now!
King Kai cheers while Goku smiles. Everybody thinks Goku really won but in reality, Goku and Pikkon were disqualified. Don't worry though, Goku did get his reward after all.

Download Now!
Gohan gets the spotlight as he grows older. It's amazing after 7 seven years, how much he's grown. Anyway, Gohan smiles while his mom gives him lunch. Now he travels to High School!

Buu Saga
-Download Now!
Goten gets a little gun happy and fires the Kamehameha. But Goten barely knows how to control it so he accidentally blows up the Tenkaichi Boudakai roof. Geez, kids these days. They think they know everything. Anyway, Trunks is still impressed and that makes him want to fight EVEN harder.

Download Now!
Trunks captures Goten in an impressive lock. Goten can't bust out and it may look like the little guy is finished. Goten better get out because the lock is only going to get tighter. And if it tightens up enough, Goten will be killed!

Download Now!
Goten flies off to help Trunks in battle. But Piccolo grabs Goten before he can move. Once Piccolo realizes that Gohan is gone, he accidentally lets go of Goten and Goten aids Trunks in a battle against Buu.

Download Now!
While Vegeta gets freed from his trap from Buu, Piccolo steps in to stop Babidi. Can Piccolo stop Babidi or will Piccolo fall into the long line of casualties? Find out as Piccolo bravely faces Babidi!
Size:1 meg

Download Now!
Well, Vegeta has decided to die for the common good. As Vegeta tries to do the right thing, Goten and Trunks want to help. Vegeta knocks them both out...this is a must watch.
Size:1.71 megs

Download Now!
Vegeta finally decides to fight for the people he loves. He looks forward to meeting Goku in heaven but Piccolo tells him the raw and relistic fate Vegeta is taking. Piccolo says truth in every one of his words.
Size:1.45 megs

Download Now!
Well, Vegeta gets ready to make his sacrafice to stop Buu and as he does, he apologizes to Goku and a he says a love filled goodbye to Bulma and Trunks.
Size:1.55 megs

Download Now!
This is a scene where Goku fights Kid Buu. It looks like Goku is on the edge of his limits. What can the mighty SSJ3 Goku do against such a powerful foe. Vegeta watches in horror.

Download Now!
WHAT A FIGHT! This match literally keeps on heating up. This battle is getting hectic as Goku fires a a very large sized Kamehameha. Goku is getting tired.

Download Now!
Now the battle has become more physical. As Vegeta watches, SSJ3 Goku and Kid Buu go head to head in an awesome display of martial arts. But as it looks like Goku is winning, Kid Buu throws him into submission.

Download Now!
As Goku comes back with some great moves, Kid Buu over powers him again. It really looks like Goku may die in this battle. Kid Buu is showing iron cold endurance and no mercy.

Download Now!
Goku gains some pace in the battle. As Goku looks like he's about to give up. Goku slams Buu to the ground and gives him a energy blast that echoes around the world. A must watch clip.

Download Now!
As Goku gets tired at battling at Super Saiyajin 3, Goku gets up and keeps on going. He keeps on putting good moves but Buu isn't getting tired and more sweat and injuries surround Goku's body. What will the mighty Saiyajin do now?

Download Now!
Goku fights EVEN harder than his previous attempts but he just can't keep the energy flowing. Looks like Goku may be doomed. It actually seems that way. How will the tired SSJ3 Goku get out of this one? Buu just smiles and gives Goku a bad sign.

Download Now!
Goku's friends look on in horror as Goku gets tired. They feel like the entire universe is doomed. Goku, not looking so good, looks like his fate will be terrible. Buu just keeps on playing and it finally looks like Goku has met his match. It looks like Goku can't even move anymore. Will the universe really be destroyed by Kid Buu?

Download Now!
Goku and Vegeta finally meet each other after so long. When the two realize that Buu is coming for them, they both go Super Saiyajin 2 and try to fight off the evil monster but Buu is just too strong. There is one last hope...fusion!

Download Now!
Vegetto shows no fear while Buu talks to him. Buu looks very angry and all Vegetto can do is smile. Vegetto even blows Buu a deadly kiss of wind. It looks like this match is about to heat up. Vegetto (The fusion of Goku and Vegeta) is ready for his first and maybe last battle!

Download Now!
This battle has finally gotten started. Vegetto throws some great moves but Buu keeps on overpowering the fused Saiyajin. But it may look hopeless for Vegetto or is Vegetto simply playing around? Buu may be getting played.

Download Now!
As Vegetto says warm up is over, Buu taunts him. Well, Vegetto shows Buu a true lesson of pain. The fused Saiyajin is so strong, it's too incredible on how well he uses his speed. This Saiyajin maybe the one to defeat Buu!

Download Now!
Buu and Vegetto are still fighting their hearts out. Both of them are applying so much strength, the earth starts trembling, my gosh, Dende is even flying with Mr. Satan to protect him. This battle is getting intense!

Download Now!
Buu charges up! It looks like Vegetto has even had the upper hand during battle but as Buu gets anrier, he only adds more to what seems like his infinite power. But Vegetto smiles and thinks he will be victorious.

Download Now!
I know this scene lacks action but I'm sure you'll like it. It sounds like Dabura has turned GAY. That's right, he might have had a little sex change. Oh well, at least he promised to find Gohan. Chi-Chi, Bulma and Videl look on at Dabura's change.

Download Now!
Well, it looks very bad for Vegetto at this moment, Vegetto was winning the battle but Buu changes the moment around, what can Vegetto do against an enormous ball of deadly energy? It has the power to destroy the earth!

Download Now!
THIS IS A MUST DOWNLOAD! THE BATTLE IS REALLY HEATING UP IN THIS CLIP! IF YOU HAVEN"T SEEN THIS PART, DO SO NOW! Vegetto literally saves the earth from destruction in this clip!

Download Now!
As the battle, reaches it's climax, Buu says Vegetto is strong but not strong enought and Vegetto replies with "Are you sure?" Then, he clamps his fists, starts yelling and turns Super Saiyajin! Now...the REAL battle begins!

Currently viewing the Dragon Ball GT video clips...
<download> type: .mpa | size: 891kb
description: Vegeta Golden Oozaru giving Super Saiyan 4 Goku a pounding.
<download> type: .mpg | size: 787kb
description: Vegeta Golden Oozaru doing a special attack on Super Saiyan 4 Goku.
<download> type: .mpa | size: 734kb
description: Super Saiyan Gotenks doing his ghost attack on Hitler's army.
<download> type: .mpa | size: 621kb
description: While fighting against Li Shenlon, Super Saiyan 4 Goku & Vegeta fuse into Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. Then doing a Kamehameha/Final Flash attack.
<download> type: .mpa | size: 897kb
description: Super Saiyan 4 Goku taking control of the battle with Bebi Vegeta.
<download> type: .mov | size: 912kb
description: Bebi Vegeta doing Final Flash attack on Chibi Goku.
<download> type: .mov | size: 1.08mb
description: Super Saiyan Vegeta doing the big bang attack on evil Gohan.
<download> type: .mpeg | size: 1.21mb
description: Super Saiyan Chibi Goku turning into Super Saiyan 3 Chibi Goku.
<download> type: .mpa | size: 1.66mb
description: Super Saiyan 4 Goku getting beat up by Super Bebi Vegeta.
<download> type: .mpg | size: 1.91mb
description: Golden Oozaru Vegeta turning into Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta.
<download> type: .mpg | size: 3.27 MB
description: Evil Android 17 shoots Krillin with a beam, Android 18 in a fit of rage attacks Android 17.
<download> type: .mpg | size: 2.36 MB
description: Chibi Goku does his Dragon Fist attack on Super Android 17, then finally finishes him off with a powerful Kamehameha.
<download> type: .mpeg | size: 2.03 MB
description: Goku Jr. faces off Vegeta Jr. in the very last World Tournament shown in the series.

<download> type: .mpeg | size: 2.79 MB
description: Golden Oozaru Goku goes in to his last form, Super Saiyan 4 Goku.




-More New-

krillvsgoku.mpeg 704KB Krillin and Goku spar in tournament


628KB Master Roshi gets angry
- - -
Vegetto2.rm 770KB Buu Vs Vegetto
Vegetto3.rm   450KB Super Vegetto Transforms
Vegetto4.rm   910KB Super Vegetto Vs Buu 1
Vegetto5.rm   940KB Super Vegetto Vs Buu 2
gokuVSvegeta1.rm   927KB Goku and Vegeta first fight 1
gokuVSvegeta2.rm   374KB Goku and Vegeta first fight 2
gokuVSvegeta3.rm   1.06MB Goku and Vegeta first fight 3
gokuVSvegeta4.rm   1.68MB Goku and Vegeta first fight 4
Gokupowerup1.rm   1.82MB Goku going kioken 3
Vegetapowerup1.rm   1.99MB Vegeta getting warmed up
Vegetapowerup2.rm   602KB Vegeta pretty pissed off
vshock.mpeg 559KB Vegita is shocked when cell kills trunks
vtrains.mpeg 1.0MB Vegita trains in space looking for Goku
ztv-1.mpg 3.8MB Reenactment of Cell Game  (funny if you know)
mvegita.mpg 3.7MB Goku and MajinVegita fight
gohanblock.mpeg 636KB Gohan blocks vegita from cells final blow
gohss2.mpg 3.9MB Gohan goes SSJ2 when fighting cell (best scene in cell game)
freeza-pic2.mpeg 3.3MB Piccolo uses Kioken technique on freeza
mvg01.mpeg 2.2MB Majin Vegita misbehaves and smiles (cool scene)
cell1.mpeg 1.9MB Z Warriors go off to fight cell
cell2.mpeg 2.8MB Vegita tries to distract cell
celldie.mpg 2.7MB Gohan applies full power to his Kamehamea
celveg01.mpeg 704KB Vegita powers up to kill cell
fdead.mpeg 870KB Trunks slices freeza in half
kkdead.mpeg 876KB Trunks blasts King Cold (freezas father) 1.2MB Vegita does a Huge Big Bang Attack
bbatruck.mpg 506KB Vegita Big Bang Attack hits a truck
gokssj4.mpeg 4.7MB Goku goes SSJ4 for the first time+(Special guests kiss me girls)
gokub1.mpeg 728KB Goku and Ubbu train (opening scene in first GT episode)
gokub2.mpeg 1.3MB Goku and Ubbu train more (opening scene in first GT episode)
gtopening 876KB This is the opening of  DBGT 1.2MB Part of the into to GT
dbgtsong.rm 160KB Part of the into to GT
ssjcg13.avi 766KB Little Goku morphs into ssj3 (animation)
bebidie.mpeg 4.9MB SSJ4 Goku kamahame on Golden Ozzoru Bebivegita
bebiend.mpeg 2.4MB Bebi gets Kamehameaed into the Sun
bebivegita.mpeg 1.7MB Bebi and SSJ4 Goku fight (Goku fakes losing and laughs)
chibi.mpg 1.2MB Little Goku goes SSJ3
Lordslugpowerup.rm   976KB Lordslug getting large on Goku
gokuVSlordslug1.rm   1.64MB Goku getting butt beat by Lordslug
gokuVSlordslug2.rm  2.52MB Goku getting butt beat by Lordslug some more
android_2.mpeg 495KB Trunks fighting #13 and #14
android_3.mpeg 362KB Goku going ssj fighting #15
go_ssj2.mpg 1.7MB Gohan goes SSJ2 on Bojacks Gang
gohan_vs_bojack.mpg 1.5MB Gohan fights and  kills Bojack
gojita_vs_janemba1.mpg 3.5MB Goku and Vegita fuse into GOGITA and kill Janemba (video)
gojita_vs_janemba2.mp2 545KB Goku and Vegita fuse into GOGITA and kill Janemba (audio)
beatup.mpg 2.5MB Bojack Gang beating up Tien and Yancha... (Gohan enters)
goten_trunks_18.mpg 1.3MB Goten, Trunks, and #18 fight BIOsoldiers
metal.mpg 1.6MB Goku and Metal Kooler fight
metal.qt 2.0MB Goku and vegita break metal Kooler
mov8-1.mpg 1.3MB Vegita tries to fight Brolly (video)
mov8-2.mp2 261KB Vegita tries to fight Brolly (audio)
gokssj3.qt 3.8MB Goku going SSJ3 fighing BabyJanemba
tru_fght.mpg 1.7MB Trunks fights one of Bojack Gang
veg_en.mpg 2.6MB Vegita enters and saves trunks from Bojack Gang

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