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I.Z Desktop Icons


You may use these icons on your page as webgraphics if you save them and upload them on to your own server. Please do not use them for your message boards or for download (redistribution) on your site.

BeeBloatyCount Coco FangDibDibGazGazGIRGIR-obeys
GIR in doggie suitGIRZim's brother, GIRGIR with a chicken bucket on his headGIR in a cat suitGIR LUVS Krazy TacoGIR and MooseIgginsJhonen Vasquez
KeefLawn GnomeMembraneMimiMinimooseMs. BittersGIR's OctopusPigPurple
PustulioPeepiRedRobot DadRobot MomScary MonkeyShnooky aka NoogumsTakIrken Tak
Ultra PeepiVampire Piggy HunterWeenieZim skool boyZimBurger boy ZimOld man ZimZimZita 

Invader Zim: