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I.Z Screen Shots


Megaman Section

::GIR Pictures::

Pilot Episode

>>Dib angry >>Dib food laser >>Dib & Zim
>>Dib CG >>Dib scary! >>Zim suit CG
>>Zim suit CG 2 >>cafeteria >>Zim suit
>>Zim and pooch >>Determined X2 >>Dib's kitchen
>>GIR >>Lunch >>Zim & GIR
>>skool >>Jumprope >>HUGE head

Opening theme song:

>>smashes screen >>blueprints >>blueprints2
>>hydrant drool

The Nightmare Begins:

>>gir is born >>advanced >>doomed planet
>>doom song >>interrupt >>I saw a squirrel
>>come...gir >>to the rescue

Parent Teacher Night:

>>take make up >>took make up >>I love this show
>>watching tv >>change channel

Walk of Doom:

>>falling >>I don't need it! >>erumgh
>>guidance chip >>guidance chip2 >> bees
>>report for duty >>fully operational >>that monkey
>>walk the dog >>the bus >>street performers
>>were is home? >>cupcake >>you forgot?
>>sad gir >>compass >>eyes on fire
>>sleeping >>street performer >>juggling
>>on the bus >>I like destroying >>escape
>>use your jets >>cereal box >>dumpster

Bestest Friend:

>>master! >>yes, sir! >>transformation
>>transformation2 >>zip up >>bacon
>>meow >>party favors >>too smart for me!
>>make the cake


>>slurp >>slurping >>look up


>>hooray for earth >>laughing >>pig
>>roll on floor now >>need a hug >>goggle view
>>punishment >>germ spray >>gimme that
>>MacMeaties >>run on street >>I lost it...
>>reflection >>germ free

Attack of the Saucer Morons:

>>dance club >>home >>yay!
>>gov't. man >>gov't. android >>Ahhhh!

The Wettening:

>>rubber pig >>hellloooo >>wheee!

A Room with a Moose:

>>check-a-this! >>leave no enemies! >>walnuts
>>remote hog >>snatched


>>lounging >>fun dip >>wheee..
>>I agree

Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain:

>>watching tv >>house's brain >>rubber moose
>>giggling >>can't reach >>almost...
>>zap! >>it lives!!! >>offline
>>crazy taco

Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy:

>>whee...PIG >>time travel >>rubber pig
>>change the past >>I loveded you! >>new piggy
>>science pig >>tears >>AAAH!
>>sees Dib >>scared >>we're doomed!

Planet Jackers:

>>it wasn't me >>I'm scared too! >>slides down
>>aaah! >>make biscuits >>not so bad
>>Dib's house! >>GIR eats? >>poop?
>>planet jackers >>pig >>G-force
>>Zim's eye >>no.... >>HI!
>>Zim goes out >>sitting >>HIII!!
>>Yes, sir!

Rise of the Zit Boy:

>>delivery >>thank you! >>pizza
>>smacky noise >>munch >>clensing chalk
>>in the box >>made it myself >>yum?
>>GIR swims >>Pustulio lives >>I obey!

Plague of  Babies:

>>screams >>suck >>some more
>>watching tv >>babies.... >>are dangerous
>>floating >>un plugs >>love babies
>>do something >>original recipe >>mayo, anyone?
>>cute babies

Bloaty's Pizza Hog:

>>plush monkey >>stop! >>down
>>looking at Gaz >>where is Dib?

Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom:

>>costumes >>Brian: zombie >>octopus
>>octo-fun >>more octo-fun >>octo-hat
>>tacquitos! >>halloweenies >>playing...
>>with food >>left-overs >>candy monster
>>more candy >>candy!! >>action pose
>>halloweenies 2 >>it is so NNY! >>candy glutton
>>king of the hill >>lollipop guild

Door to Door:

>>head so big >>WHY!!?? >>go crazy
>>eggs >>madness >>lawn angels
>>poop candy >>zim complains >>drool current..
>>poop dog >>good bye >>doing it wrong
>>whee! >>eats with kids >>candy truck

FBI Warning of Doom:

>>laughs >>who is it? >>remote controller
>>watch it again! >>FBI warning? >>Poop Corn
>>eats corn >>cries >>sleeps..

Mysterious Mysteries:

>>Attack Dib >>video1 >>video2
>>video3 >>Baby Dib/Gaz >>Stacy

Future Dib:

>>Call monkey >>Dib & monkey >>Popcorn 1
>>Popcorn 2 >>robot Dib >>Zim tongue
>>GIR tongue >>GIR/Zim laugh

Battle of the Planets:

>>Tea Party >>I gotta go pig >>Take-off
>>Leaving earth >>Get off my head! >>Gets off
>>Sleepy >>Get OFF! >>Rubs eyes
>>Zim & GIR >>*smack* >>Flies!
>>It's broken >>Dib's comp >>Face on Mars
>>Hello pilot! >>Because it's cool >>Zim flies Mars
>>Membrane puppet >>Sand face >>Hold on to...
>>Zim laughs >>Zim sandwich >>GIR sandwich
>>weenie roast >>GIR pig >>Dib is spotted
>>GIR obeys >>No face on shirt >>What's this do?!
>>Go away! >>Okee-Dokee >>GIR camera


>>GIR in dog suit >>Crazy GIR >>Answers the door
>>neighbors? >>Sits down >>close up
>>YUCK! >>GIR Sleeps >>OBEY
>>looks around >>Zim's lenses >>GIR obeys
>>GIR's a specimen >>but a happy one >>Gopher fusion
>>looks ut the window >>hold onto GIR!


>>defective SIRs >>GIR Jumps >>Packing Peanuts
>>chicken legs >>spazz >>no battery
>>looks up >>lawn piggy >>no power
>>break-dances >>eats robot >>runs off
>>GIR camera >>you're so cute! >>self-destruct
>>wrastle >>victory for Dib >>GIR on door

Tak the Hideous New Girl:

>>Dib & Mimi >>Tallest puppets >>Tak & Zim
>>upside down GIR >>zips up >>GIR & Mimi
>>Tak >>snack! >>face to face
>>robot bee >>Tak's plan >>headless GIR
>>after Ham Demon >>coffee >>coffee 2
>>Dib scales bld. >>Dib & weenie >>tracking device
>>Zim & Mimi >>GIR & Gaz >>well, I...
>>no you didn't >>dance with me >>spooky stare
>>Gaz dances >>Tak & Mimi >>GIR & Gaz dance
>>squishes face >>Dib ice cream >>Cat suit
>>Cat suit 2

GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff:

>>GIR's butt >>GIR & cow >>Voot Runner
>>Take the controls >>Yes SIR! >>GIR is happy
>>Weenies! >>pushes buttons >>behind Zim
>>behind Zim 2 >>Poop can >>GIR attacks
>>Dib & GIR >>at the base >>Cop car
>>GIR & Zim. >>in the shadows >>Zim with hat
>>Squid Man >>Release >>Bye! BYE!
>>eaten by a shark

Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom:

>>Brass Knuckles >>Dib, Zim, GIR >>No longer needed
>>Self-destruct >>YAY! >>Action poset
>>Tallest >>Older Dib