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Mega Man
This is the game that started it all, while there have been many different Mega Man games, few actually knew about the first one at its release. With the games hideous box art and simplistic title, the game wasn't a huge sucess. But in terms of gameplay, Mega Man was a winner and was well on his name to becoming a star.

Dr. Light and his assistant Dr. Wily had worked together to create six robots that would help in everyday chores. But Dr. Wily, he had bigger plans in store for these robots. He stole the robots in an attempt to take over the world. When they start wrecking havok, Dr. Light is quick to realize what Wily has done. Having created two household robots, Rock and Roll, Dr. Light knows what's needed to be done. Rock, who has a strong sense of justice, volunteers to be converted into a f ighting robot and put a stop to Wily's plans. Thus Mega Man is born!

This is the start of the classic Mega Man Formula. After choosing the stage, megaman runs, jumps and shoots his little pelet gun until you meet the robot master at the end of the stage. Once a robot master is defeated, you gain their powers, or at least some form of it. You can then use their powers on other robot masters, which could make them go down quite quickly if use choose the right weapon. After defeating all the robot masters, you get to the Wily Levels. There, you face the bosses all over again and fight the final boss, Dr. Wily.

Being the first game in the series, the bosses names did not have to be too creative as you'll see.They are:
Cut Man,
Elec Man,
Guts Man,
Bomb Man,
Ice Man,
and Fire Man


This has to be one of (if not) the hardest Mega Man games. It had no save or password feature and no e-tanks. But the graphics for its time was above average as was the sound.All though some people would debate, I would not say that this game set the standard for Mega Man games. I would probably say that the sequel (Mega Man II) did. Don't beleive me? Well forget you then...

Mega Man 2
This is probably the first Mega Man game that Mega Man fans would play. Sporting numerous enhacements in almost every category from the first, Mega Man 2 was a great game.

In the year 200X, a Super Robot named MegaMan was created. Dr.Light created MegaMan to stop the evil desires of Dr.Wily. However, after his defeat, Dr.Wily created eight of his own robots to counter MegaMan.

Capcom decided that it would fix all of the problems the first Mega Man had. They implemented a password system, which allowed the player to continue his game at a later point without having to defeat all the boss masters all over again. In addition to the password system, energy tanks were now scattered through the levels. Plus, there were now eight robot masters instead of a tiny six. Lastly, three special items from Dr. Light helped Mega Man in different areas. For example, there was one that would create platforms that could help megaman reach higher places and scale some walls. These features, combined with refined gameplay (such as the movement in water), made for a truly great and memorable experience.

As mentioned before, there are now eight robot masters for you to tackle.Capcom showed some creativity which produced some interesting bosses. They are as follows:
Metal Man,
Bubble Man,
Air Man,
Flash Man,
Quick Man,
Crash Man,
Wood Man
and Heat Man-Ok Heat Man is a lot like Fire Man, so Capcom wasn't that creative.

Though this may be one of the easiest titles, many people will argue that it was one of the best. And for good reason, there were so many improvements over the original, from graphics to sound, everything just seemed to flow much better. But the box art still sucked. This is the game that I believe truly set the standard for the series. But perhaps, the best was yet to come.


Mega Man 3
After an amazing Mega Man II, Capcom went and outdid itself again with Mega Man III

Dr. Wily had been defeated by Mega Man twice. Claiming to be reformed, he and Dr. Light worked on a peace keeping robot named Gamma. But Dr. Wily's eight new robots went berserk, leaving them without the crystals they need to complete the robot. Mega Man is then sent to get the eight crystals, with his brother protoman following him.

Capcom did some great innovations with Mega Man III to go along with the ones in the second MM Game. The game marked the first appearence of Rush, Mega Man's handy dog. He could be used to help Mega Man access places that he wouldn't be able to on his own. The game also marked the first appearence of Proto man, Mega Man's brother. He would appear in certain places although, he was pretty mysterious.You were now also able to do a slide.Also, you had to fight the previous bosses from MM II, which made for a pretty long game.

OK Top Man was not the best idea in the world, but the other bosses are pretty cool. There were: Snake Man,
Gemini Man,
Shadow Man,
Magnet Man,
Spark Man,
Hard Man,
Needle Man
and of course, Top Man!

Capcom had made two truly great Mega Man games in a row. This may have been the best in the series as after this, many ideas were simply re-used. The game was reasonably difficult, but not to the point where you'd go insane. If you ever see it, buy this game!


Mega Man 4
Ah yes, 1991, the SNES was fairly new and Capcom was enjoying the fact that they had just released one of the best Mega Man games ever in Mega Man 3. But as developers were moving to the big N's new console, Capcom decided to release Mega Man IV on the NES, a move that may have turned the original series in a different direction. It didn't bother me though, as I didn't even an SNES at that time.

In the year 200X, MegaMan has shattered Dr.Wily's plans three times and world peace has been maintained so far... but history repeats itself.Dr.Cossack, a mysterious Russian scientist, has invented eight powerful robots and sent them after MegaMan. MegaMan starts for the battle again, this time equipped with the powerful new Mega Buster!!.

Probably the largest downfall of the game was the lack of innovation. The game did introduce the now standard Mega buster. Mega Man could now charge up his shot to deal damage three or four normal shots would do. This was good because the normal shots did practically nothing on the bosses. Of course, you could still slide, which became standard in the original series. Also, there were two other items to be found, one would create platforms, the other would send a wire to the ceiling and pull Mega Man up. However he couldn't move while up there. Other than that, it was pretty basic, no return of former bosses or anything like that, still it was pretty solid.

There aren't really any bosses that stand out or seem really cool in this game. Plus the wepons are pretty basic and there isn't really one that is all that useful. The Bosses are: Toad Man,
Bright Man,
Skull Man,
Dive Man,
Pharaoh Man,
Drill Man,
Dust Man
and Ring Man

Mega Man IV will always hold a special place in me as it was the first Mega Man game that I could call my own.. I remember getting it for my fifth birth day and beating it every Saturday for about a few months (hey I was five, it's not like I had anything better to do anyways). I must have beaten it about 25 times. It may not have been the best Mega Man game, but it sure wasn't the worst.


Mega Man 5
The 16-bit wars were coming into full swing, and Capcom was ready to release Street Fighter II. Mega Man had some really great graphics and music, but it was all on a diying system. Everyones attention had shifted to the newer consoles. That would have to be the biggest dowfall to an otherwise good game.

This time Protoman has kidnapped Dr. Light and it's Mega Man's job to save him. Protoman has conviniently built eight new robots and another castle. Of course, you end up fighting Dr. Wily at the end of the Game, but you've already gotten used to that.

New features were seriously lacking in this game, if not then non-existant. The biggest feature was that if you get the letters that spell out Mega Man V, then you get to use Beat. While he may be pretty cool, this being the main addition isn't. The game did however have some of the bet graphics ever seen on the NES, but in the 16-bit era, it didn't really matter.Those things aside, it was just like Mega Man IV in every other way, or Mega Man III for that matter. You can jump, slide, charge your blaster and use rush, not very innovtive.

Not the best bosses in the world, but way better than the horror of bosses that was to become Mega Man VI. There were: Wave Man,
Star Man,
Gravity Man,
Gyro Man,
Crystal Man,
Napalm Man,
Stone Man
and Charge Man.

To sum this game up really quickly, pretty good game, but it was released at the wrong time on the wrong console. The series should have been ported over to the SNES by now, however that wouldn't happen for a few more years. Now read about Mega Man 6 for a real joke....*snicker*


Mega Man 6
You can forgive Capcom for releasing Mega Man 4&5 on the NES, but for friggin gosh sakes, it was now 1993! Players now waited for Mega Man X on the SNES, and after the poor preformance of Mega Man V, Capcom chose not to bring this title over to North America. But then, Nintendo decided that it would publish Mega Man VI in America. Needless to say that it was the worst Mega Man game on the NES, everything about it was very rushed. The bosses, the music, it was not what you'd expect from the blue bomber. The graphics were decent, but by this time people had already gotten used to the 16-bit graphics and all it's glory.

A mysterious man by the name of Mr. X (yeah very creative) holds a robot tournament in which robots from all over the world compete. However, he uses the eight winners in his scheme to take over the world! Claiming that the had been in control of Dr. Wily from the beginning, Mega Man and Rush er.. rush out to save the day again, on the same system, with little or no changes from the last game. Bet you wish that they had gone to the SNES already.

Run, Jump, Shoot, Slide, Charge your Mega Buster, Defeat a Boss Master, collect letters and absorb powers. I'm trying to name everything that has been done in the previous game, because it's basically all here, but nothing really new. Mega Man can bond with Rush to fly around, but it's not as cool as it would seem. Oh yeah four of the bosses do have fake bosses in it, so you have to make sure that you beat the right one. But, it is a Mega Man game, so as long as you weren't expecting an all-star game on the diying system, it isn't really that bad.

You have to fight Top Man eight times! Yes! It's every Mega Man fan's dream! Ok so the bosses aren't that bad, but they aren't much better. The bosses are:
Wind Man,
Plant Man- I would have thought that he'd be in one of the previous games?
Knight Man,
Flame Man,
Blizzard Man,
Yamto Man,
Centaur Man
and Tomahawk Man.
As I said before, the game was very rushed. You can't really blame them, wait yes you can. I would have love to see Mega Man go out on the NES with a bang (a big bang at that.......get it big bang, DBZ , Mega Man, oh well), but it was not meant to be. But cheer up, things were about to pick up.


Mega Man 7
Quality. That's what the Mega Man series needed after the rather pathetic Mega Man VI on the NES. With Mega Man VII finally landing on the SNES, that's exactly what they got. The X series had already been there a few times though and it was impossible to re-capture all the MM fans that may have been lost with this single game. Not to take anything at all away from this game, as it screamed quality. Mega Man had been given the facelift that he needed and accompanied with great music, Mega Man VII was a very solid title.

Dr. Wily had been captured and put behind bars in Mega Man VI. With him captured, things seemed peaceful. But Wily had a backup plan. There were four robots that would activated if he ever got captured. They started wrecking havok in the cities while Dr. Wily broke free from his prison. When Mega Man arrives on the scene, he meets Bass and Trebble, who claim that they've been trying to stop the robots in Mega Man's absence. Once again Mega Man must do battle with the forces of evil and defeat Dr. Wily.

This game plays a Mega Man game. But it does it really well. There are lots of power ups and you can even use Proto Man's shield if your willing to do some searching. You can also bond with rush again, but in the 16-bit world it seems a little bit more cool. The game plays fairly smooth and the music is pretty darn good as well. In this game, like in the game boy games, you have access to four bosses from the start. Obviously, you gain access to the other bosses after you defeat the initial ones. The game does also have an intro level, ala the X series, this level sets the tone for the tone and plot for the game.Plus there is a code that would allow you to play a street fighter-like game with Mega Man and Bass. Pretty Sweet isn't it?

The robot masters in the game are actually pretty cool and innovative. I was really happy to know that they named a rm Turbo Man instead of Car Man. Could you image a Car Man stage? Any ways the robot masters are: Turbo Man,
Freeze Man,
Junk Man,
Slash Man,
Spring Man,
Shade Man,
Cloud Man,
and Burst Man.

The series finally made it to the SNES and it was great. Though this would be his only outing on the SNES, it was one of his best in a long time. The difficulty is pretty high and you have to get re-used to not sticking to walls as in the X series. Quality is what the series needed and that's exactly what the series got!


Mega Man 8
Unlike with the SNES, the original series made it to the playstation first. It was Mega Man's 10th Aniversary and so far it turned out to be the last game of the original series that was released.

A gigantic Space explosion sends two strange meteors crashing down to earth. The call goes out and Mega Man speeds to the site. There he sees Arch-Rival Dr. Wily, Fleeing the scene, clutching one of the mysterious metallic meteors. Now Mega Man must uncover the secret of the second meteor in a race to stay one step ahead of Dr. Wily and his new deadly breed of Super-Powered robots.

True to the classic formula, the game plays just like any other Mega Man game. You once again had access to four bosses from the beginning and then four bosses later on. You were also now able to buy upgrades that Roll would make for you if you gave her the correct number of bolts. Some were very useful like the power shield that would not push you back when you took a hit. Others were less effective. Rush was sort of given a downplayed roll. You could not call on him whenever you wanted, but he would appear in certain points. In one level you almost feel like your playing Mega-Contra because you have so much fire power at your disposal. That was one sweet level. in another level, you are on a snow board and have to jump and slide like crazy to stay alive. Also, they implemeted Anime Cut scenes. The scenes themselves were good, but the voice acting was pretty bad.

I must admit that I like most of the robot masters in the game. They were quite innovative and they all seemed to act differently (some thing that was missed in some of the NES games). There were: Clown Man,
Granade Man,
Frost Man,
Tengu Man,
Sword Man,
Search Man,
Astro Man,
and Aqua Man.

This was definately a solid title. Although many reviews may say that this was just an average game, I'd have to say that this was one of the best Mega Man games that I've played since Mega Man 3 for the NES. Definately a solid title and worth a look.


Rockman and Forte
In 1998, the console wars were once again in full swing, the Playstation and Nintendo 64 were striving for dominance, and many good games were on the horizon. And Capcom decided to release a Mega Man game on a Nintendo system. However, it wasn't the N64, it was Super Famicom (SNES). Tha game was Rockman and Forte (Not Mega Man 9 as some people call it), and it sadly never made its way to North America. This was really such a shame, because Rockman and Forte was a true Gem of a game,But at least its for prob just play it on my gc ^_^

An evil robot by the name of King desires to destroy all humanity for its treatment of robots. Mega Man once again must fight for peace, however this time, he is not the only one out to defeat King. That's right, Bass (Forte in Japan) is out to defeat King, but not for the reason you might think. He just wants to prove that he is the most powerful robot, King just happens to be in the way. At teh beginning of the game, Protoman takes on King but gets cut in half and teleports away, leaving Bass or Mega Man to fight the Robot Masters.

Rockman and Forte has to be one of the best Mega Man games ever in terms of gameplay. Firstly, you can obviously choose to play as either Mega Man or Bass, each of which plays very differently. This already increases the replay value, because it is a very different game depending on who you pick. Mega Man plays exactly like he does in previous games, he can jump, slide, charge his mega buster, etc. However, Bass can double jump, dash (like X), and shoot rapidly. However, he does not have a charged shot, cannot slide and his rapid fire is much weaker than Mega Man's mega buster. You cannot switch between the two characters, so who you start with will be who you end with. Speaking of ending the game, this game is very hard, and when you beat you will breathe a sigh of relief. The levels themselves are quite hard, but some of the bosses are brutal. You could easily become frustrated when playing the game, the key is to just stay calm and take breaks if you have to. The game uses a battery save system, so there are no passwords. To aid you in your quest, you can buy powerups from Auto with the bolts you find left behind from certain enemies. Something else must be said about the game, it has tremendous graphics. It looks nearly comparable to Mega Man 8 on the PSX. The sprites and backgrounds are bright and colorful, making Rockman and Forte a truly beautiful game.

These bosses for the most part are very hard! be on your guard at all times
Astro Man,
Burner Man,
Cold Man,
Dynamo Man,
Ground Man,
Magic Man,
Pirate Man and
Tengu Man

Near PSX graphics, good music, Bass as a playable characters, what more could you want in an SFC or SNES Mega Man game? Though the level of difficulty is farily high, you shouldn't really have too much trouble if you're a Mega Man veteran, if not though, then be prepared for one hard game. Nevertheless, Rockman and Forte will always be one of my favorite Mega Man games.


Mega Man X
With the original series still being on the NES, Capcom decided to bring a spin off of the Blue Bomber to the SNES. This came in the form of Mega Man X, though the differences between the two are quite apparent, X ca

The year is 20XX, a well known scientist by the name of Dr. Cain uncovers a capsule developed by none other than Dr. Light. Hidden within the capsule lies X, a robot with the ability to think and feel on its own. Using X's design, he makes a new type of robot known as a reploid. Reploids can think by themselves. Everything seemed paceful, as reploids and humans lived in harmony. Then one day, some reploids turn wild and chaos reigns. The group of reploids called 'Mavericks'. These mavericks beleive that they should be dominant, not the humans. But the group of Maverick hunters led by their leader Sigma saught to put an end to this. However soon Sigma joined their side and became the dominant force behind Mavericks. Now X and his partner Zero must put a stop to the evil Sigma.

As I said before, there are many differences between X and Mega Man, but they may not be so apparent at first. X has a red lewel on his and his armor is more detailed. But in terms of gameplay, X does not slide but rather dashes once you find the upgrade. The dash is very important in order to complete the game, or some levels for that matter. Also, X can upgrade his parts when he finds the appropriate capsule hidden by Dr. Light. When he finds his X-butster upgrade for example, he can power up the weapons that he recieved when he defeats a maverick. Also, X can scale up and slide down walls. But other than that X is really under handed once the game starts. His life bar is about 2/5 of what it should be at the beginning of the game. In order to increase it you have to find heart tanks. There are a total of eight heart tanks in the game, with one being in all eight of the mavericks stages. However, there are four energy tanks that can be recharged(when you get life with your meter full), so this levels things out a bit.

Unlike in the original series, the Mavericks (or bosses) are modeled after animals. They have:
Chill Penguin,
Launch Octopus,
Spark Mandrill,
Armored Armadillo,
Boomer Kuwanger,
Storm Eagle,
Sting Chameleon,
and Flame Mammoth.

Out of every X game, this one is still my favorite. It had great music and graphics. While the game was easy, it was not one that you could really coast through the first few times through the game. The game is also not really that rare, so you could quite easily find it for the SNES, it's a good buy, so if you see


Mega Man X2
With Mega Man x2, Capcom did something very similar with Mega Man 2, it decided to upgrade everything and fix all the problems with the original. But the original game was already a superb game, so what could you expect from X2? Simple more and more.

Six months have passed since the end of X1, and X and his Maverick Hunters are still tracking down the last remaining Sigma followers. However, three Mavericks calling themselves the "X Hunters" have obtained the parts of Zero (you friend from the first game), and are attempted to resurrect him for the Maverick cause! Now X must go into battle again and defeat the X Hunters and regain Zero's parts so he can restore his comerade.

All of the features from the previous game are intact here in the sequel. X still has to collect heart tanks to increase his life meter, as well as collect upgrades in order to do certain things in the game.
However, there are some changes, like the upgrades themselves. One upgrade lets X do an air dash, as X comes into the game already equiped with the regular dash. The armor upgrade allows X to unleash a powerful attack onces he takes a certain amount of damage. The upgrade foe his X-buster allows him to shoot two large shots at the same time when powered up. X also gets to ride the 'landchaser' bike in one level.
The biggest addition to X2 has to be the X-hunters, Serges, Agile and Violen. Each of the three has a body part of Zero and appears in a level randomly. Every one yo defeat nets you a body part. However, if you don't defeat all three before you defeat the eight Mavericks, then they will steal back Zero's body parts and you will have to fight him! You will not have to fight him if you get all of his parts. A fake Zero will appear with Sigma (the pic on the right), only to be destroyed by the real Zero!

The Mavericks in this game unleash a powerful attack when their meters are about half full, so be ready! They are:
Bubble Crab,
Wheel Gator,
Flame Stag,
Wire Sponge,
Magna Centipede,
Morph Moth,
Overdrive Ostrich,
and Crystal Snail.

One of the things that stick out out to me about this game are the level design. The levels seem to have you go in all directions and are not as straight forward as the ones in the first game. For example, when you enter the boss gate in Overdrive Ostrich's stag, there is a big rocket. You jump on the rocket and it takes off with you shooting at it. When it blows up, then you fall down in a sandy area and that's where you fight the Maverick. That's pretty cool and I didn't see that one coming when I first played the game. Also, the story worked pretty well and that's something that can't really be said about the next X game. X2 is a pretty rare game and a good one at that, pick it up if you ever see it!


Mega Man X3
From the get go, you will probably be able to tell that MMX3 will not be as good as its previous two incarnations. But that having been said, MMX3 is still a pretty solid game, it just doesn't have the same improvements that X1 and 2 did.

A utopian town is society is created by reploid scientist Dr. Doppler. This society comes in the form of Dopplertown. Things worked well..................for a while. Then Doppler turns maverick as do the reploids in Dopplertown. They start to attack the Maverick Hunter Headquaters, and the call goes out to X and Zero to stop the assult.

As with MMX2, X3 uses a slightly pumped up version of the MMX engine. X collects power ups, heart tanks and bosses weapons on his way to fighting the final boss (whoever that may be). But in addition to the armor upgrades, you can also get another upgrade to enhance one part of your choosing (helmet, armor, etc.). There is a possible enhancment for every part, and once you choose one you cannot get another one or change it, so you must choose wisely. The biggest addition to X3 is the ability is the ability to play as Zero through certain parts of the game. He starts with a fully extended like meter and a level three Zero buster shot (which includes the use of his sabre). But there are catches: He only has one life, once he dies he will be badly damaged and only X will be available as a character. Also, he cannot use powerups (weapons, armor, heart tanks, etc.) or fight bosses. So while it may seem like a good idea to use him at the beginning, it really won't matter because X will end up doing all of the difficult tasks anyways. This game has a very high difficulty level, many of the boss fights will probably end in a close match the first time around. It is important that you do not take these Mavericks too lightly, as they are easily the hardest of any the X games to date.

As states before, these Mavericks are no push overs. They are:
Bubble Crab,
Wheel Gator,
Flame Stag,
Wire Sponge,
Magna Centipede,
Morph Moth,
Overdrive Ostrich,
and Crystal Snail.

Other than the relatively high difficulty level, and the ability to play as Zero through certain areas of the game, MMX3 does not have any innovations that the previous games did. It was probably the first Mega Man game on the SNES that felt a like we've done this before. But that does not mean that it was a bad game, not by a long shot. If you are a Mega Man fan, you will love it, if not, this will probably not change your mind.


Mega Man X4
Mega Man X4 marked X's first appearance on the 32bit systems, with that major changes were expected. Suffice to say, there were some major changes with the style of the game, but it still felt as if it were your good ol' blue bomber..

The replicforce has called a coup against its human creators, but there may have been a third party that has influenced them! X and Zero must find a way to stop this or else all of the Repliforce will be considered Mavericks..........

Finally...........a fully playable Zero!!!! This marks the first game that the Red hunter has been fully playable. With that, X and Zero have two semi-different stories in the game complete with thier own endings. Zero uses only his Z-saber while X still uses his trusty X-buster. However while X gains the power of the defeated Mavericks, Zero learns new saber tactics, which gives Zero a more fighting style feel when in combat. These tactics have different comands that can be used at will (though some may have limits). Without a doubt, Zero is much stronger than X, however X has long range attacks, while Zero is an up close fighter. Also, there are only two sub-tanks in the game versus the previous standard of four. There is also a Weapons tank which can be used to refill your weapons power and an EX item that allows you to start with more lives. X and Zero can both get heart tanks, but only X can get armor upgrades (well there is one exception ^_^). Nevertheless, playing as Zero is much different than playing as X so choose your character wisely.

Most of the Mavericks in this game are pretty easy, just beware of Magma Dragoon!The Mavericks are:
Web Spider,
Cyber Peacock,
Split Mushroom,
Storm Owl,
Frost Walrus,
Magma Dragoon,
Jet Stingray,
and Slash Beest.

Zero is definately the biggest addition to the game and one of the best reasons to play it over (and over and over......well not really but he's still cool). The difficulty is not as high as X3's but there are some points that may give you a hard time. The music in the game is also pretty well done, I especially like the tune from the Maverick intro's, it's pretty catchy. Another great addition to the game is the cinema (anime) scenes. The are pretty well done and the voices are bascially decent except for that of X, he sounds so much like a kid (in fact they used the same voice that they used in Mega Man 8). The graphics have also been given a major facelift thanks to the power of a 32bit system. Gone are the days of a semi-deformed X, ahhhh well life must go on. X and Zero are animated pretty well, however I have to say that X just looks wierd in his stance with no armor, he just does not seem as well proportioned as Zero does. Other than that though, the facelift is much appriciated. To sum up X4, good game, buy/rent it!!


Mega Man X5
20XX,Mankind has expanded its colonies into space. One of its colonies named Euraisa is attacked by evil robots and the invade and take over the colony. They destroy its gravity machinery that causes the whole colony to fall out of orbit, leaving only twenty-four hours before it comes crashing down to the earth. Only X and Zero can save the earth. Can they stop it? really decide that. X and Zero have to find the four parts of the Enigma particle beam, the only weapon that can stop the hurdling colony. Weather you defeat the game in a certain time decides on what ending you'll get. Of course, you will fight Sigma in the game. But, it's been speculated that in MMX5, you will have to fight zero, I can say for a fact having played it for myself that is very true. But the circumstances (why you fight him) may be different depending on how long you take to beat the game. All I have left to say is that do you have the guts to take on Zero, well, you'll find out once you play this game

North American release: February 15, 2001
Japanese release: Dec 2, 2000
Number of discs: 1
Number of Players: 1
Hours To complete: 1-5 hrs (one time through)
Stages: Intro , 8 Maverick levels + Dynamo, 4 'Sigma' levels
Chracters: X(playable), Zero(playable), Sigma, Dynamo, Signas, Aeiria, Dragus, Life- Saver.
Mem. Card Blocks:1
Armors: 5(X), 2(Zero)

Sorry fir the lack of pics...when i did this review last year not to much info on mmx5 was available...accually im jsut to friggin lazy ^-^


Mega Man X6
Mega Man X and his trusty companion Zero were involved in a catastrophe. Now Zero is nowhere to be found! Its up to Mega Man X to get to the bottom of the mystery and locate his faithful companion. But its not going to be easy. Mega Man X must battle through a maze of levels to find his cyborg pal and rescue reploids along the way. Return to battle with the new Nightmare System, which randomizes level maps, enemies and endings based on how you play the game. Mega Man X is back and now its personal!

E3, LOS ANGELES - May 17, 2001 - Capcom®s blockbuster franchise Mega Man will blasts his way onto the PlayStation® game console this fall as Mega Man X6. In this latest continuation of the Mega Man X series, Mega Man searches to discover why a giant reploid has gone berserk. A one-player, side-scrolling action platform game, Mega Man X6 introduces three new game systems that will randomize the maps and challenge players to rescue reploids in order to obtain new items and expand the power of current ones. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rates this E for everyone.
Mega Man X6 introduces the following new features:

The Nightmare System - A brand new game system whereas players actions will make changes to other stages. Depending on choices made in previous levels, hidden paths can open, new enemies will appear, various traps can open up and other secrets are revealed.

Random Stage System - The map of the designated level changes every time you play. The enemies and boss characters are completely random and will change each time the level is played. Fans of the series will recognize the return of five boss characters from previous Mega Man games.

Reploid System - Players obtain various power-up parts by rescuing reploids in each of the stages. Depending on which reploid is rescued, the power-up parts will vary. There is a large amount of reploids to be rescued creating a massive challenge and excellent replay value.

Capcoms Mega Man products continue to delight video game fans around the world and this new installment will continue the legacy established for this hit franchise, said Todd Thorson, director of marketing, Capcom Entertainment. Mega Man X6 introduces new features while continuing the classic gameplay experience of its predecessors. To date, more than 8 millions of copies of Mega Man have been sold worldwide.

In Mega Man X6, Three weeks have passed, Mega Mans long-time partner, Zero, protected the Earth from colliding with a colony at the cost of his own life. Even worse, the incident has turned the Earth into a wasteland void of life. As mankind is unable to go outside into the wasteland, reploids are put to work rebuilding the planet while the humans exist underground, waiting. All seems to be going as planned as Mega Man X gets a warning message from Alia telling him that a gigantic reploid is on a rampage. As the game begins, Mega Man X heads to the battlefield.


-X can now use Zero's Sabre

-Features of X5 Return (ducking etc)
< -Some bosses from previous game will return
-The Nightmare System - A system where players actions in one level may affect the others. Think of as an expanded version of what was used in the first X game (ie if you beat Storm Eagle, then go to Spark Mandrill's stages, Storm Eagle's ship would have crashed there and caused power outages)

-Random Stage System - This system randomizes the location of enemies and items each time you re-enter the level. There is also said to be a level that changes every time you go into it so it will never be the same

-Reploid System - New items and power ups are given to you when you rescue a reploid in a level. Depending which ones you rescue, you will get different ones.

Takes place two weeks after X5
Release Date: November 15 2001
#of discs: 1 (most likely)
Platform: Playstation

Playable Characters: 1(only X so far)
Animated Scenes : No
New Armors : Yes (2)

This is a spoiler free look at the story of X6 (if you want to be spoiled, then check out some of the other sections). It will give you some background of the events that lead up to the game.

It has been three weeks since the events of X5 which found Zero using his last bit of strength to deal the final blow to Sigma. The Eurasia colony decended upon earth, nearly destroying all of the human race. However, Zero was no where to be found, could he be alive. X, now carrying Zero sabre was left to lead a new rank of Maverick Hunters in this now desolate world. His hopes of finding his comerade are as strong as ever, but he doesn't know why.

As everyone tries their best to recover from this disaster, an SOS call goes out to X from Alia. Without thinking twice X goes out to the scene. His desire to protect the earth and the ones he cares about are as strong as ever.

But as that happens, a scientist by the name of Gate pays a visit to the site of where X and Zero faught their final battle with Sigma. There, he discovers someting unusual, something diobolical, something that will change him forever.

Many familiar faces return on MMX6, but there are also some new ones. This section outlines the different characters (not including Maverick Bosses).

Mega Man X
What would be an X game if X wasn't in it? Well he's back of course and this time he is armed with his buddy Zero's Beam Sabre. But how will the past events affect X in this game? Well you'll have to play to find out.

After his heroic sacrafice, Zero was no where to be found. Could he have survived Sigma's final attack? That is not known, nor is his intention if he is alive. Would he still fight with X, or has his dark power finally taken him over? No one knows for sure, but we will soon.....

The commander of the Maverick Hunters returns as well. His ability to make quick decisions makes him an excellent commander.

X's informant also makes a return. If you recall, Alia gave X 'tips' and info about the various stages and terrain (unfortunately it was usually very annoying). She will still do so, but it can be turned off at your will ^_^.

The man with the plans (literally) is back as well. In X5 Douglas was the mechanic responsible for building the various weapons to use against the falling Eurasia Colony. However, what can his skills be used for in X6? Building upgrade parts for X, Zero, who knows?.

A new face to the X series, Geito is an intelligent scientist that works under to tutelage of Issac. He wants to build a society where Reploids can live in harmony (sound familiar?).

Not that much is known about Issac, though it is said that he is in a group out to find out the secrets behind the Zero virus. His menacing look however, does not seem to back that fact up.

Another shady character new to teh X series, Hi-Max is looking for what he calls 'Nightmare Zero'. It is not known if he is actually a good Reploid or a Mavercik.



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