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All the attacks....i think



Akkumaitokosen or Akuma Kousen
Special attack used by Akkuman against Goku in order to hit his heart so to increase the evil inside it and cause its explosion. This technique will have no effect on Goku since his heart doesn't have any spite!
Akkuman (one of the 5 warriors of Baba)


Special attack done with two fingers, forefinger and middle finger, it can destroy a wide area around the opponent.

The most powerful attack by Piccolo Daimao, a very powerful beam flows from his hand, after he concentred his energy as much as he can.
Piccolo Daimao

This technique consists in using his own energy in order to generate a barrier around his body to defend from enemies' attacks.
Freeza, #17, Cell, Babidi, Vegeth, Bojack, Majin Buu, Vegeta

Big Bang Attack or Bigu Ban Ataku
Vegeta's special attack... the Saiyan stretches his arm out, powers up and from the palm of his hand a very powerful beam flows out.
It's a very destructive power.

Big Bang Kamehameha or Bigu Ban Kame-Hame Ha
This attack is used by SSJ4 Gogeta (SSJ4 Goku + SSJ4 Vegeta) in DBGT against Li Shenron, it's the sum of Vegeta's Big Bang Attack and Goku's Kamehameha.
Only a shot will not be enough to eliminate the opponent and there will be no time to try it again since the fusion will end with no possibility to be repeated.
SSJ4 Gogeta

Blue's Psychic Ability or Chou Nou Ryoku
General Blue's psychic capability who, by staring at his opponent, shoots at him a paralysing beam. He can also move objects.
General Blue

Body Change or Bode Ichienji
Special technique used by Ginyu who, by concentrating his energy, is able to exchange his body with the one of his opponent in order to take advantage from greater potentiality.
Ginyu (Ginyu Force)

It's the capability to fly by using the Ki. At first this technique was used only by Tenshinhan and Jiaozi, then it was learnt also by all the Z Warriors, but Yajirobei, Muten and Mr. Satan.
All the Z Warriors (but Yajirobe, Muten and Mr. Satan)

Bunkai Teleportation (Instantaneous Movement)
Technique of teleport, used by Janenba in movie 12, that consists in moving by disintegrating his own body in many cubes that will instantaneously reunite in another place. With this technique Janenba moves and modifies the dimensions instead that the time.

Burning Attack
Future Trunks' special attack. He stretches his hands towards the sky, moves them to the front and a powerful energy beam flows from them.
Future Trunks


Chikyuu hou Kai No ichi Geki (The Blow That Caused the Earth to Cave In)
The powerful energy attack Kid Buu uses to blow up the Earth.
Kid Buu

It's Piccolo's best energy attack, best known as "Gekiretsukodan" in DBZ video games. It consits in a very powerful energy beam from his hands.

This is a very particular technique used by Jiaozi who stretches both his hands forward and immobilizes his opponent by cousing him an internal pain.

Crusher Ball (Kuraya Boru)
It's a very powerful energy ball, hurled with a hand by Jeeth, very similar to the small Genkidama that Goku gave to Kuririn to hurl at Vegeta during the Saiyans Saga.
Jeeth (Ginyu Force



It's one of the powerful attack of Freeza who stratches his arm and with two fingers shoots a beam, invisible to any human eye, that hits the enemy by surprise.

Death Ball
It's an energy ball that Freeza and his brother make with a finger. It's first small, then it becomes enormous and its power can destroy even a planet.

One of the best technique of Tsuru sennin (master of Tenshinhan and Jiaozi). It's an energy beam shot from a finger, more powerful than a normal Kamehameha but it cannot be strengthened.
Tsuru sennin

Double Tsuihikidan
This is an attack used by Kuririn during the 23rd Tenkaichi against Piccolo. He takes position, bending his legs and from both hands hurls an energy beam similar to kamehameha. Kuririn can then pilot the beams to follow his opponent even if he moves.

Dynamite Kick
This should be Mr. Satan' special attack, but it actually is a very harmless hit! This technique is used also by Gotenks against Buu and again it's completely useless.
Mr. Satan


Enemy Transformation
It is Majin Buu's favourite attack. It's a beam shot from the proboscis he has on his head in order to hit and then turn his opponents in something he can eat: chocolates, candies...
Majin Buu

Energy Kyush
It's a technique used by #19 and #20 to absorb the energy from their opponents by touching them with the palm of the hands. They can also capture the energy of Goku and Vegeta's beams.

Eraser Cannon
Very powerful energy beam that is shot from one's mouth and it has a very devasting power. It's used by Rikoom, of the Ginyu Force, on Namek against Vegeta who's saved by Gohan.
Rikoom (Ginyu Force)

Eye Beam
This technique consists in an energy beam shot from one's eyes.


Final Flash
It's Vegeta's most powerful attack who concentrates all his energy as he widens his arms. Then he stretches forward the palm of his hands and shoots a deadly beam.

Final Shine Attack
It's Vegeta's new powerful hit in DBGT: he forms a blinding energy ball in his hand and he hurls it at his opponent causing an huge explosion with a blinding light. Vegeta uses it during the battle against Super17 even if it will be absolutely useless.

Freezer Beam
It's one of the many attacks of Freeza: it's an energy beam very similar to Dodon-pa that it's shot from a finger. It has the peculiarity to do not explode in the impact but to pierce his target (Freeza uses it also to kill Vegeta).

With this technique two warriors may fuse together into a new being in order to increase their power. In order to do this, their physique and their strenght must be pretty much the same and they must perfectly perform a strange dance, Metamoru dance; if they make a mistake, the result is a very weak warrior!
The fusion generates a new very powerful warrior, but only for 30 minutes. The one of Gogeta Super Saiyan IV in DBGT lasts only 10 minutes, since it requires a huge amount of energy.
Son Goku and Vegeta
Goten and Trunks

Fusion with Potara
This fusion happens thanks to Potara, Kaioh's magic earrings. It's not like the Metamoru fusion because in this case the fusion takes place when a person wears an earring on his left ear and the other person wears the other earring on his right ear. This fusion should last forever, but for Vegeth it doesn't and it stops as he enters the magic space, that doesn't follow the physical's rules of Dragon Ball World, inside Majin Buu's body.
Old Kaiohshin and old witch
Kaiohshin and Kibith
Son Goku and Vegeta

Kuririn's technique used during the 22th Tenkaichi Tournament against Goku. As he's in air, Kuririn blows up his body and slows down the falling and so he can avoid his opponent hit.



Galactica Doughnut (Galactica Donut)
This is an attack used by Gotenks to trap enemies and consists in a ring of Ki energy that he can control to change size of the diameter of the donut. The ring can be used to surround the enemy and trap him by holding his limbs with the donut. The enemy, caught in the donut, is crushed by the ring and this one will explode with his trapped enemy. As Super Saiya-jin 3, Gotenks can use an adaptation of this attack named "Renzoku Super Doughnut".

Galick-Ho (Gariku Hou or Gallet Gun or Garrick Cannon)
This is the attack Vegeta hurls in order to destroy planet Earth. He flies up and gathers the energy with both arms behind his shoulder, then he brings them forward and releases the energy blast. To reply to Vegeta's Galick-Ho, Goku goes to use Kaiou-Ken #3 and hurls his Kamehameha.

Gekitotsu Buu Buu Volleyball
A particular Gotenks' attack which involves crushing the enemy into a sphere of energy and then hitting the ball as you play volleyball. It is used by Gotenks SSJ3 who, after he caught Majin Buu with a Renzoku Super Doughnut, enjoys playing with Piccolo and inflicts a tremendous amount of pain on the enemy.
(Piccolo only plays with Gotenks but is not able to make this attack! ^__-)

Genkidama (Spirit Bomb)
This is the most powerful attack Goku learns from King Kaioh (North Kaioh-sama). By lifting up both hands and by borrowing a bit of energy from all living things on a planet or in a planetary system (Galaxy Genkidama), Goku can create a devasting ball where he channels all that energy. Then he throws the sphere at his enemy who, if he has an "evil" Ki, is obliterated. It takes a very long time to charge up the Genkidama till it becomes big enough to eliminate the enemy to face (Vegeta, Freeza, Majin Buu, Super Ishinlon). Only characters with "good" ki can manipulate the Genkidama, after it has been gathered, without the fear of being harmed themselves (as Gohan and Crilin vs Vegeta).
Son Goku

Gotenks' Ultra Kicks, Punches, Headbutts, ecc.. o Tasai Na Waza No Kazukazu (Attack of Great Variety Technique)
This is a repeating attack used by Gotenks vs Majin Buu which involves a series of particular techniques, every single one of them called as Rolling Thunder Punch, Inoshishi Attack, Power Tackle, Miracle Super Punch, Great Kick Special, Magnum Sundae, Ultra Missile Parfait, Hyper Plasma Short Cake.

Guruguru Gum or Guru Guru Guma (Turning Round and Round Gum)
Attack used, during the 21st Tenkaichi, by one of Goku's opponents, Giran. He produces and spits a gum from his mouth that, as a snare, wraps around Goku and doesn't allow him to move.


Haikyuken or Hai Kyuu Ken (Sphere Attack)
Attack used by Tenshinhan vs Goku at the 22nd Tenkaichi. Tenshinhan hits the opponent up into the air and then plays "volleyball" by using and slamming him as a ball.

Very powerful attack used by Jackie Chun (Muten Roshi) at the 21st Tenkaichi vs Goku and before used only vs Goku's grandfather Son Gohan. Jackie Chun gathers his energy, unites both hands and produces an energy beam. Then he shoots it forward and traps his opponent in a shocking field of energy from which the victim can't escape. Goku gets rid of it 'cause he turns Ohzaru at the moonlight.
Jackie Chun (Muten Roshi - Kame-sen'nin)

Haretsu no Maho
This is a magic spell used by Babidi to make people swell up and explode. It isn't a powerful attack and in fact doesn't work on strong fighters as Z warriors are!

This is an imitation of Tenshinhan's Shiyoken. It's a technique used during the 22nd Tenkaichi and involves moving the arms so fast so that they look like eight arms. With this trick, the user can attack with all eight at once.
King Chapa

Hell's Flash or Heruzu Furayu
This is the attack Android 16 uses vs Imperfect Cell: #16 removes his hands and from guns under his arms shots a powerful blast to his opponent.

Henshin (Transforming)
This is the ability of a being to transform into a more powerful state when he runs into an opponent it cannot defeat in its original self. Usually the creatures that do have this ability, avoid it 'cause this process of transforming puts a lot of strain on their bodies.
King Cold

Hara no Niku Kougeki (Flesh Attack)
This is the technique used by Buu when he rips a part of his body and hurls at his target to wrap it so this cannot move anymore.
Majin Buu

Hikou (Fly)
This is the ability, that only androids can use, to fly around without the use of ki.
The androids

Hitsu Satsu Ken (Slice Attack)
This is the attack used by Future Trunks to split Metal Freeza using his sword.
Future Trunks

One of the most powerfull Dabura's attacks. Literally it means flame and it's a breath of fire shot from his mouth.



Jan-Ken Punch
This technique comes from japanese game Jan-ken-pon, that means "Rock, Paper, Scissors". Goku performs it with three different attacks:
1. Jan-Ken-Gu: coincides with "Rock" and is a very strong punch;
2. Jan-Ken-Choki: coincides with "Scissors", and is a two finger attack in the eyes;
3. Jan-Ken-Pa: coincides with "Paper" and is a big slap in the face.
Son Goku

Jin Rui Zetsu Metsu Kou Geki
(Mankind Destruction Attack)

Literally "Genocidal Attack" probably is one of the most devastating attacks in the whole Dragon Ball series. It's used by Majin Buu (Super Buu) in order to wipe out all the Earthlings. While he's waiting for fighting Gotenks at Kami-sama's Palace, he lifts up his left arm and creates an energy source that produces many beams lifting up in the air and then falling on the Earth, where they hit and kill all the mankind.
Majin Buu


This techinque is taught by North King Kaioh to Goku while the Saiyan is on his planet, before Nappa and Vegeta arrive on Earth.
It amplifies the user's Ki, increasing strength, speed, attacking and defending power. Goku is able to use up to Kaiohken x 20 (against Freeza), then he abandons this technique since his transformation in Super Saiyan is more powerful.
Son Goku

Kakusandan (Scattering Bullet)
Technique used by Kuririn against Nappa and Vegeta, learnt while he's hardly training at Kami Palace. It's a modify to the energy beam he used against Piccolo at the 23rd Tenkaichi Tournament: it's a beam thrown high that then falls back on the opponent's head, splitting into smaller beams.

This technique consists in many energy beams Piccolo fires high to surround the opponent, then these ki bolts are controlled so they all shoot toward their target.

Attack invented by Muten Roshi. At first the user cups both of his hands to concentrate the energy; then, yelling Kamehameha in intervals as Ka - me - ha - me - ha, he charges up, puts them on the side of his boby and finally he unleashes a powerful Ki blast.
Muten Roshi, Son Goku, Grandpa Gohan, Yamcha, Kuririn, Tenshinhan, Trunks, Son Gohan, Cell, Cell Juniors, Son Goten, Majin Buu

Ki Blast
This is not a particular technique, but a simple energy ball shot from the hand palm.
All the Z Warriors (but Yajirobe and Mr. Satan) and most of their enemies

This is a technique used by Tenshinhan against Yamcha at the 22nd Teinkaichi Tournament: it consists in a yell that he uses to reject the less powerful attacks.

Kiaiho (Cannone della Forza Spirituale)
It's an invisible force attack, resembling a shockwave, that the user can shoot from an open palm or from the eyes, knocking down his opponent.
Son Goku

Kienzan (Energy Circle Attack)
It's a special technique: a flat, disc-shaped energy attack that is thrown towards the target and slices through when hits it.
Son Goku

Kikoho (Spirit Success Cannon)
Tenshinhan special technique, not to be confused with Kiaiho! He unites his hands at the tips of the fingers and aims at his target between his fingers and his thumbs. Then he shoots a powerful energy blast to hit it. This is a very dangerous attack, cause it uses up most of user's health so this one has to control how much energy he's putting into the blast in order to not over-used it.
Later Tenshinhan makes this attack more powerful and calls it "Shinkikoho".
Cell Juniors

Ki no Tsurugi (Sword of Energy)
This is the refined technique used by Vegetto against Super Buu: a special energy beam that the user can extend and use to pierce his opponent or cut anything.

Kinton (Nimbus Cloud)
This isn't a technique but a magic cloud created by Karin-Sama. You don't need a special capability to drive it but you need to own a pureheart!
Everyone owns a pure heart

A Piccolo's powerup move used during the 23rd Tenkaichi Tournament: with this technique the user makes his body grow larger and increases his range and strength. But, in this way, for the user, there are more possibilities to be hit.

A Goku's move performed during the 21st Tenkaichi Tournament against Jackie Chun: he attacks as a wild dog, jumping here and there, and then he hits his opponent from behind.
Son Goku



Mafuuba (Demon Incarcerator)
Secret technique invented by Mutaito-sen'nin (Kame-sen'nin and Tsuru-sen'nin Master) to defeat Piccolo Daimao. He manages to use a magic wind to propel the demon into a denshi jar, trapping him. But, who performs Mafuuba, dies right after, because of the too much energy taken out. So the denshi jar is thrown into the depths of the ocean by Kame-sen'nin (who is one of the two pupils standing over Mutaito-sennin's body when he faces Piccolo Daimao)... but someone (Pilaf) finds it and let the demon come back to life. Later, also Kami-sama will use mafuuba against Piccolo, but this one rejects it (Counter Demon Incarcerator), by turning it to Kami himself trapping him into a small bottle (the denshi jar had been inadvertently broken by Tenshinhan).
Mutaito-sen'nin, Kame-sen'nin, Tenshinhan, Kami-sama

Makankosappo (Special Beam Cannon)
A very high energy attack that can pierce the strongest of armor. It is the special technique of Piccolo, who puts two fingers on the forehead and, after a few minutes to charge to a reasonable strength, throws a very powerful beam surrounded by a spiral of energy.
Cell Junior
Super Buu

This is a Piccolo Daimao's technique and consists in many beams, repeating thrown from the palm of the hands. The demon performs it against Goku (who nearly dies) to take him the four star Dragon Ball and summon Shenron to wish his youth back.
Piccolo Daimao

Gohan's attack, used the first time during the Saiyans Saga against Nappa, right after Piccolo's death. Gohan puts his hand, a palm behind other, above the head and charges and hurls his attack as a powerful energy beam.
Son Gohan
Super Buu

Mystic Attack
Special Namek capability to spread the arms, by extremely lengthening them.
All the Nameks

Mind Control
Psychic capability to bend others to one's will. Bibidi and his son Babidi have got this ability, but the targets must have evil in their hearts, or it's not possible to control them. About Majin Vegeta... someone thinks that, because he has reached a stage where good and evil are balanced within him, Babidi cannot take full control over him; but someone says that's because of his huge pride!!!