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Yeah wishes from DB/Z

To avoid Pilaf to become the Lord of the Earth, Oolong anticipates him and asks for some girl pants!

Goku defeats the Red Ribbon Army in order to take possession of the Dragon Balls and make little Upa's father, Bora, killed by Taobaibai, come back to life.

Obtained the Dragon Balls thanks to his monsters and Pilaf's help, Piccolo Daimao summons Shenron and wishes his youth back.

The little Goku's already defeated Piccolo Daimao... it's time for the victims of his wickedness to return to life.

When Nappa and Vegeta came on Earth, Goku, who had been mortally wounded to defeat Radditz, was called back to life to face the new menace.

While Freeza and Goku are still fighting, the Dragon Balls are used in order to recall to life all the people killed by this galactic tyrant and his henchmen.

After Cell's been defeated by Gohan and the others Z Warriors, the Dragon Balls make return to life all ones killed by the terrible android...

... and Kuririn makes the wish (the second one, after Dende's modified the Balls) that the explosive devices inside #17 and #18 are removed.

During the Majin Buu saga, the Dragon Balls have been used by Bulma in order to recall to life the people died in 25th Tenkaichi tournament's day, but evils.

After Kid Buu's defeat, the Dragon Balls have been used in order to delete the memory of Majin Buu from the people's mind.

I forgot the GT one....